Employee of the Month Essay

Daniel Ruyts deserves employer of the year because of how awesome he is and how he makes work. Daniel is nice, helpful, friendly, funny, great leadership, and he isn’t strict but makes sure everyone’s completing their job. Daniel has influenced me on several things. He taught me to treat others how I want to be treated. Think before I act. Make sure I finish what I started. All of those revolve around work someway somehow whether I’m dealing with customers or co-workers.

Another tip he told me was, if I need to get out of work early and were slow, to make sure everything is perfect and go ask if I can leave. On the other hand Daniel has made the store much better than how it used to be! Daniel has forged my work place into a friendly environment for guests. As soon as they walk into the restaurant and when they leave we are always talking to them. Everyone he hires is always polite, helpful, and nice. Daniel makes sure that our food isn’t on the buffet for more than five minutes.

He makes sure our food is fresh all day and night. The best thing about Daniel is he helps everybody out, from the dining room and bathrooms to the kitchen and front of the house. Daniel makes sure that we are always busy and if we’re not he will give us stuff to do. He doesn’t mind if talk and laugh as long as we’re doing our job and treating guests first! Daniel always gives his employees a shot at something before finding someone else. When I started at CICI’s Pizza he put me on “cut. ” I figured cutting pizzas, piece of cake! Boy was I wrong!

Trying to cut 3 pizzas garlic bread 2 cinnamon roll pans filled with 20 cinnamon buns each, and soup all at the same time was very difficult on my first day! Never once did he think “I’m going to fire him,” instead he showed me a better more efficient way of doing the job. He showed me how to hold the pizza cutter to how many pieces of garlic bread to put in a large to-go order. The second day of work I was on cut again, I thought the job became easier, well apparently I wasn’t cutting the pizzas the right amount of times. So Daniel came over and quizzed me on my job.

If I was getting a grade on that I would have failed! He helped me and worked with me making sure everything was done correctly. It was convenient for him to help me and but not for anybody else. Watching Daniel I learned that he makes sure they understand what’s going on and why it should be like that. Daniel handles complaints very well. He always makes sure they very satisfied with our service and our product by the end. Daniel is very good with people and enjoys who he works with. This sums up why Daniel deserves employer of the month!