Employment Relationships And Perspectives Construction Essay

Health and safety is a really of import and necessary affair in the organisation to protect the employees from any hazard or danger that may go on at the workplace. The wellness and safety of employees at a workplace is a major concern for employers and employees. Complete employment Torahs and statute law have been created covering this country. All organisations that hire more than five workers must hold a written safety policy, which sets out who is responsible for workplace wellness and safety and agreements that have been made for wellness and safety.

There are tremendous of cost of accidents at work is ; both in human agony and in lost production. All the direction in the companies should supply particular attending to better the wellness and safety at the workplace. As the construct of accident proneness is now mostly discredited, safety plans focus every bit much as possible on guaranting that the employee is suited for occupation and that work is conducted in a safe environment. ( Graham and Bennett, 1998 ) .

Occupational wellness and safety is a cross-disciplinary country concerned with protecting the safety, wellness and public assistance of people engaged in work or employment. Occupational wellness and safety is a really of import for the organisations. Therefore, there are several grounds that explain the importance of all occupational wellness and safety plans. The first ground is to supply a safe workplace and set up direction constructions to command the hazards by using company policies. The 2nd ground is to learn workers how to work in a safe environment and to maintain employees experience safe and happy. The 3rd ground is to learn the workers to pay attending to their milieus and to forestall companies from jurisprudence suits. It may besides protect colleagues, household members, employers, clients, providers, nearby communities, and other members of the populace who are impacted by an organisation ‘s activities from hazard like decease or hurt. The last ground is to advance and keep the mental, physical and societal wellbeing of employees.

All employers have some assorted responsibilities and duties in wellness and safety at workplace. First, employers should supply all necessary information, direction, preparation and supervising to enable persons to be safe. Second, they should supply and keep working environments that is safe and without hazard to wellness and supply and keep systems of work that are safe. Third, the employers must expose a wellness and safety jurisprudence posting for their employees.

On the other side, there are some duties of employee in the organisation. Employees must take sensible attention for their ain and other people ‘s wellness and safety at work. They must collaborate with the employers to avoid the hazard at workplace and the employee should do certain they get proper preparation. They should understand and follow all employer wellness and safety regulations, including the usage of protective equipment and the right to decline insecure work. Furthermore ; should describe any hurts, strains or unwellnesss their suffer as a consequence of making their occupation.

Clearly, it is really hard to take all hazards and dangers from any working environment. However, every organisations attempt to cut down the issues and accidents at workplace by supplying the safe and wellness environment for the employees. It tries to maintain the workplace and equipments clean and in a good order. Besides, the employees should state the employer if something happens that might impact their ability to work because their employer has a legal duty for their wellness and safety.

Literature reappraisal on employment relation issue related to safety and wellness

Harmonizing to Paul H Jones, ( 2010 ) , it is common when the employees are working in any organisation to confront some job sing their wellness and safety, and they might even acquire injured in some instances, depending on the nature of the topographic point where the employees are employed or working. The of import thing here is that the employers have the responsibility to take a suited manner to cut down the accidents and guarantee the safety and wellness of the employees working for them. The province has devised some Torahs that govern the wellness and safety issues at the work topographic point. These Torahs are aimed at protecting the rights of the employees of wellness and safety at work topographic point. The wellness and safety statute law ensures that the employees are provided with proper equipment and stuff for their protection at the workplace, such as masks to avoid risky exhausts acquiring into their lungs and all other such things. It besides asks for the arrangement of proper safety marks in the concern constitution to guarantee that everyone knows what safeguard they have to take at which topographic point. Similarly, it is really of import that the employer conveys the wellness and safety issues decently to the employees so that the employees are good cognizant of the steps that they have to follow. Therefore, the wellness and safety Torahs are really helpful. They help in extinguishing the excess costs they will hold to bear in instance an employee gets injured or sick at work and the loss of work they will hold to bear in instance of his absence because of hurt. So, for both the parties, it is every bit good. Every state has its ain wellness and safety Torahs for the protection of the employees. The employees must be to the full cognizant of these Torahs and should demand to be provided with their right to safe and healthy constitution.

Harmonizing to Philo, JC. ( 2007 ) , safety and wellness is a basic human demand and when non met, exacts costs that prevent societies from recognizing development ends. Injury is increasing as a taking cause of decease and disablement. As the consequence of progresss in public wellness cognition and safety technology engineering, accidents and other hurt events are frequently preventable. Injuries result from identifiable determiners and conditions that create exposure to identifiable jeopardies. By commanding jeopardies, the toll of hurt can be reduced.

Chichilnisky, G. ( 1978 ) , studied the jobs of labour market accommodations to occupational wellness and safety jeopardies. It provides theoretical accounts for the eventual measuring and empirical analysis of factors impacting the degrees of occupational wellness and safety jeopardies in the workplace. From a public policy point of view the research reviews the conditions under which market forces could convey about a sufficient degree of wellness and safety information and under what conditions it is necessary to hold a authorities policy which would increase the degree of information on occupationally related wellness and safety jeopardies. In add-on to conditions under which it is a legitimate authorities map to supply wellness and safety information beyond that usually available in the labour market, the survey explores the conditions and types of Occupational wellness and safety jeopardies for which it is a reasonable authorities policy to put criterions and mulcts for non-compliance with the criterions every bit good as revenue enhancement and other incentive policies.

Yacuzzi, Enrique and Minguill & A ; Atilde ; ?n, Roberto F. , ( 2009 ) did a study on occupational wellness and safety administration. It is a subdivision of Corporate Governance by which the board directs and controls labour hazards created by their ain endeavor. Occupational wellness and safety is the conditions and factors that affect the wellbeing of employees, impermanent workers, contractor forces, visitants and any other individual in the workplace. The survey aims is to make an Occupational Health and Safety Governance Indicator. The occupational and safety administration construct is comparatively new ; unlike occupational wellness and safety Management, which is largely related to the work of managerial ranks, occupational wellness and safety administration trades with rules, the involvements of stakeholders, and the work of managers. The survey defines the new construct, occupational wellness and safety administration, develops an original wellness and safety index, and nowadayss possible applications for it ; every bit far as they are cognizant of, the index is the first proactive tool in being to mensurate occupational wellness and safety administration. Their work is portion of an on-going research undertaking aimed at bettering wellness and safety criterions in industry.

The assorted safety and wellness issues in Zubair Oil and Gas Company:

Zubair Oil and Gas ( ZOGAS ) was established to present and set about specialised oil and gas undertakings in 1990 and originally started its operations in Abu Dhabi in 1991 before switching its base to Oman in 1993.

Zubair Oil and Gas Company has some wellness and safe issues that employees face and the company ever attempts to cut down these issues. Therefore, these are:

– Stress at workplace. Most of employees are nerve-racking at the work and they have occupations that require them to work displacements. Sometime, the employees have excessively many duties which must be completed in a specific clip. This normally puts a batch of force per unit area on the employees & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ wellness. The long on the job hours required by many occupations appear to take a toll on employee wellness. Stress besides has a large consequence on how their internal variety meats work. For illustration, the bosom beats faster and the blood force per unit area increases during a nerve-racking period. The long-run consequence is that this can ensue in shots and some types of bosom diseases. Zubair Oil and Gas Company effort to cut down the emphasis at the work by cut downing the work hours provide interruption between working hours and split the work between the employees.

– The escape of gases. Sometimes, there are some holes in the gas grapevine that may blend with the O and other gases. This will take to increase the gas impact on the employees by doing mild oculus and respiratory-tract annoyance after several hours. The company takes preventative action to cut down escape of oil by including a plan to inspect the grapevine on an on-going footing. Besides it provides the detectors to supervise the degree of emanation of toxic gases on each oil good.

– Dangerous machines. The company has some unsafe machines that are used for boring and cutting grapevines. These machines are really unsafe for the employees and lead to amputation or hurt of some parts of their organic structure. Besides, the high sound of machines has an impact on the employees & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ wellness because the noise determines its ability to damage their hearing and cause concern. Zubair Oil and Gas Company hire people who have experiences and the ability to work and hold knowledge how to cover with the unsafe machines. It is ever make care of machinery to avoid the hazard at the workplace.

– Misunderstand the hazard at workplace. Some employees do non hold plenty cognition about the hazard at the company. They face some troubles to understand the nature of the work. Zubair Oil and Gas Company supply some classs for the employees to explicate and understand them about extent of the dangers of working.

– There are some human errors in Zubair Oil and Gas Company is which damage the wellness of the employees such as acquiring distracted or non being attentive while working. Therefore, the company supply interruption between the working hours to loosen up and rest their workers from the work and to retune fresher to make the work more efficiency.

-Also, the company has work in the desert and they have some employees at that place. The employees are enduring from the varying of conditions particularly in the summer. Because the conditions became hot and dry and the employees suffer organize the high impermanent of Sun. The company make displacement work between the employees and supply the employees demands to protect them the changing of the conditions.


There are some recommendations to Zubair Oil and Gas Company in order to cut down the wellness and safety issues at their workplace. Zubair Oil and Gas Company should supply emphasis direction preparation for its employees to better workers & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ ability to get by with hard work state of affairss. It tries to cut down occupation emphasis by conveying in a adviser to urge ways to better working conditions. This manner is the most direct manner to cut down emphasis at work. The employees should hold remainder interruptions during the on the job twenty-four hours and to hold clip off from work during the working hebdomad. Zubair Oil and Gas Company should look into the oil and gas grapevine sporadically to guarantee there is no escape of any oil or gas. Besides, it must supply safety tools for their employees to avoid hazards and accidents at the workplace such as mask, goggles, helmet and baseball mitts etc. Zubair Oil and Gas Company should supply some preparation and classs to learn employees how to utilize the unsafe machines. Besides, it should supply some constructions that explain the different stairss and safe ways to utilize these machines. Zubair Oil and Gas Company should supply a healthier and safer environment to the employees and do some consciousness runs to learn employees how to cover with the hazards and dangers at the workplace. The employees must collaborate with their employer to cut down the accidents in the organisation by using wellness and safety Torahs. The employees should state the employer if something happens that might impact their ability to work. This will assist to avoid any errors or hazards that might impact them and other people.


Health and safety is a really of import and necessary affair in the organisation to protect the employees from any hazard or danger that may go on at the workplace. Any organisation has some wellness and safety issues at the work environment that may impact on workers ‘ wellness. Zubair Oil and Gas Company has chosen to use in the assignment because Zubair Oil and Gas Company has many wellness and safety issues at the workplace. These issues are stress at workplace, the escape of gases, unsafe machines, misunderstand the hazard at the workplace and human errors. However, Zubair Oil and Gas Company work barely to manage these issues and effort to cut down the hazard and danger at the work environment. There are some recommendations that suggest for Zubair Oil and Gas Company to cut down the issues of wellness and safety in the work and keep working environments that is safe and without hazard to wellness.