Enc1101 Narrative Essay

From a very young age, I can remember sitting at the kitchen counter with my older sisters as my mother was telling us all of the things we needed to do to be upstanding and healthy young adults. As we grew up, she continued to preach to us because she didn’t want us to grow up to be misfits. Some adults believe teenagers eat too much junk food, live without principles and never think about the consequences of their actions.

As a seventeen year old, I will admit that I’m the complete opposite of the typical teenager because I eat healthy, I am conscientious and I always obey the law.Although my mouth waters like Niagara Falls when I think about eating a juicy double cheeseburger with bacon, greasy fries and a scrumptious chocolate milk shake, I try to limit my consumption to twice a month. In an effort to make better fast food choices, I love Chipotle because it’s organic, not fried and include whole grains and vegetables.

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Eating foods that are good for me fuels my body, as well as gives me the energy and motivation I need to write this amazing essay. Also, eating right allows me to maintain my weight so I can consistently fit into my clothes. In order to maintain my weight, I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.

I would choose a fruit salad over sugary treats any day! My favorite ways to eat vegetables is in a stir fry with rice and chicken or in a salad with ranch dressing. I try to limit the amount of ranch dressing because too much of a good thing isn’t good for you! For the most part, I am conscientious about how I behave and how I treat others. I am also focused on doing a good job in school and taking it seriously. I attend class regularly and I study so that I can get good grades. Initially, I thought I was attending class and doing my homework to make my mom happy, but I figured out that I actually like doing well in school for myself.

I want to be educated so that I can attain a decent career in the future. I was raised to treat my friends and family how I would want them to treat me. I have a good work ethic and I am always on time. Ever since I turned 15 and got my permit, I love to drive. I had to learn that driving a car is a huge privilege and responsibility.

I had a list of goals to achieve and a list of to do’s so that I could earn the right to get my license and drive. When I turned 17, my mom rewarded me with the car I have always wanted; it’s the ultimate driving machine, a BMW 328i.Most importantly, I have chosen to obey rules and laws because I don’t want to end up in jail. I drive the speed limit, I’m home on or at my curfew and I don’t steal. When I was five years old I stole a candy bar from Publix and hid it in my pocket. When my mom saw me eating the candy bar, she asked me where I got it. I stuttered, smiled nervously and told my mom that it was left over from Halloween.

Immediately, she didn’t believe me because Halloween was ten months before and gave me one more chance to tell her the truth, so I did. I was grounded for a week and I had to go back to Publix to apologize and pay for the candy bar I stole.I remember that I was sweating profusely and tears were pouring from my eyes because I was humiliated and embarrassed. I definitely learned the repercussions of stealing and lying from this experience. My mother taught me to eat healthy, practice good morals and values and abide by the law to get somewhere in life.

I want to make my mother proud of me because I love her. Not to mention, I don’t enjoy getting lectured all the time. I like doing what’s right because it makes me feel good about myself and my accomplishments. I want to continue living a purposeful life more than a child wants ice cream.