Enchanted by Taylor Swift Essay

Enchanted by Taylor Swift Since her well-known hit, Love Story, was released, the America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, only 23 now, has grasped people’s eyes and ears with her beautiful voice, her lyrics and, most importantly, her character. However, her success doesn’t come from nowhere. On the one hand, Taylor loves her career and she devotes herself to music. “My attitude has always been that if you want to get better and see the success, you should get motivated to work even harder.

That’s kind of how I approached everything. On the other hand, as early as 10, Taylor Alison Swift showed her gift for music. She began writing something fantastic. Shortly after, Taylor’s adventure in the world of music began after she moved to Nashville.

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“There was this magical land called Nashville where dreams come true and that’s where I needed to go. ” Thus, during her high school, she confessed, she would take down passing whims on her notes. When Taylor Swift first came to public notice, she was a 17-year-old newcomer who loved singing to her own guitar.She was far more enthusiastic than accomplished at that time, but as her song writes, Sparks Fly, don’t you sense that? As a matter of fact, one thing that can’t be ignored is the lyrics written by her own, which shares real experiences about love in a teenager’s perspective. I believe that must be the reason why Taylor’s songs can always resonate with the audience, and the best example is her latest best-selling album Red, in which she depicts red and blue feelings in love.

As she said about Red, “They’re about my heartbreaks and my moving-on.But more importantly, they are about achieving contentment. You’re not always going to be ridiculously happy as you grow up. ” The lead single, We Are Never Getting Back Together, which presents a declaration to her ex-boyfriend, proves to be unbelievably well-received. Moreover, Taylor is an idol who pays great attention to her public image. “Clubs are just not where I want to be photographed. For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old girl and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night.

I am an over-achiever, and I want to be known for the good things in my life. ” Besides, Taylor is an active philanthropist. For quite a long time, she focuses on children’s affairs and donates large sums of money for the children.

Ronan is a song she wrote specially for a mother whose son’s life was claimed by cancer. After the release of this song, the story moved thousands and thousands of people all over the world to tears. Eventually, I want to say that I was enchanted to meet you, Taylor!