Energy Crisis Causes and Consequences in Pakistan Essay

An energy crisis is any great hurdle in the supply of energy resources to an economy. The energy crisis is caused by various factors first of all, the gap between supply and demand is biggest obstacle currently 7,500 MEGAWATTS of electricity is being produced which is nearly only 40% of the nation’s demand. Secondly,circular debt is another major problem,according to economist magazine about $880 m is causing blockage in the smooth running of energy’s machinery causing hurdle in the generation and fair distribution of energy.

Thirdly,lack of planning and technology to harness natural resources currently country is generating 48% of its energy from gas,33% from hydel,17%from oil,2% from nuclear and only 1% from coal which shows 175 billion tons of untouched coal reserves need to be tapped and generated soon. Moreover other causes of energy crisis in country are cost of fuel,as price of crued oil has increased from $40 to $140 a barrel also Population explosion is another cause adding monopoly manipulation,bottlenecks at oil refineries lack of energy conservation policy further causing trouble.

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It is said that every action has a reaction therefore causes of energy crisis has several consequences. on one hand economic setbacks for instance,unemployment frequent shut downs of industrial units especially small and medium enterprises and on the other hand socio devastations like anxiety unrest among masses have became gruesome furthermore,on international terms, damaging national dignity is being presented due to deteriorating conditions back at home. In conclusion Energy crisis is biggest dilemma causing severe consequences from the top of social conditions to the bottoms of downfall of economy.


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