Energy What is it ? Hydro power is

      Energy in Japan Do you which are the tops three types of energy used in Japan ? The three types is hydro , thermal and nuclear power ; this three types of power is all good because the energy really help people than before , in Japan . Hydro power  Hydro power is the first one most Japan people use . 100 years come , this power give a lots of electricity to the people who need a big of usage than others  , in Japan have many people and hydro power factory they produce a really enough electricity to each people who need . All people in Japan they all support hydro to move on in there country also if Japan they have enough money than the electricity of hydro power will be good to go through  . What is it ?  Hydro power is a renewable energy in Japan the people think this power is great because this power is using water to produce electricity it use water to produce , so it will make the electricity go through easily but not stuck in the electricity tube . also this will make the electricity to be more easy to go through and back to each person house . How does it use ?  Mostly hydro power is when collect then it will turn to electricity , after it will send the electricity to around the people who live around there , they will send to each home for each month , sometimes the people will also not finish for the usage from the big boss . After the people have electricity will first use in light and food cooking , for this kinds of things . How does it stored ?  Hydro power after stored in a big of electricity metal box than when the box is full of electricity so it will start sending the electricity to each home around it . next after sending enough it will stored in each things that is need in the house main big electricity box button so it will not all electricity go into the same button for each things which need electricity . So that is where hydropower stored. Advantages of hydropower . Is using water to produce electricity . Is easy to have electricity by using clean water not dirty water . Disadvantage of hydropower . Dams are extremely expensive to build and must be built on a high start . The flooding of a large areas . Thermal power  Thermal power is Japan the second most use power that use , after Japan lost the place of many oil . Today including thermal power and oil resources is use in thermal power factory for important use , use also how the electricity is saying use more fire plants , because they are emit the less CO2 and also others pollutants . What is it ?  Thermal power is using heat to let people use in Japan . this power mostly come from heat . this power of heat it is generated by the movement of some tiny particles within an object . If the faster it is generate . Thermal power is good because this power is use heat but not gas that we use to eat hot pot so it is good to use thermal power . How does thermal power work ?  Thermal power is mostly is use in the machine of heat because thermal power is about heat which mean thermal power after collect then it will also send to each people in home then , for example : hot milk tea , it have thermal power because the steam that come out is hot so it have thermal power . How does thermal power stored ?  Thermal power is stored in a box because thermal power after it  collect then when the box is full then they will a little and little bit to send to each home around the factory . Thermal power also stored in each home hot water machine because when people in home puts cold water in the machine it start boiling the cold water into hot water into not so when you press out hot water then it have thermal . Advantages of thermal power . Fuel cost to thermal power it is very low .Is easy to produce thermal power in an object . Disadvantages of thermal power . Low of the overall efficiency .Is dangerous for kids . Nuclear power .  For Japan first of the commercial nuclear power plants it was started at 1996 years ago . In Japan people mostly they like about that there country have nuclear power have protect all the electricity important place ; but some of than they are not really like to use nuclear power cannot protect the important place in electricity . What is nuclear power ?  So basically nuclear power is a clear ways to boil water become steam after it will turn to electricity . Nuclear power also it can turn electricity and this can boil water into steam so this is a good & it is a recycle way to produce electricity . How does nuclear power use ?  Nuclear power mostly use in a big usage in same of things for example : Phone charger because mostly electricity is use into this things so mostly electricity is use into this things so mostly nuclear power is use for the phone of the charger . How does nuclear power stored ?  This nuclear power is stored in the charger things because when you plug the lines to the charger than it will start charger your phone also nuclear power also stored in the light bulb because when you press the button of the light then the light will on , so it stored in the light bulb . Advantages of nuclear power . Nuclear power is a good way to have electricity . Electricity produce is countain so it earn money . Disadvantages of nuclear power . Sometimes if you be not careful than the electricity will make you die . How ever the people in the factory is amazing but every day in the factory they are dangerous . Diagrams for japan usage of power .