Engineering so poor and underprivileged, these children

Engineering allows me to combine both the theoreticalknowledge and practical application of physics and mathematics. These are thetwo fields which I’ve the most ability and passion for. Like any other child, Ifrequently asked my parents “How is this made?”.

From then, it was thisintense passion for research and creation that drove me to make robots, takeapart gadgets and reassemble them, and conceive science experiments. This gaveme sheer joy and quenched my thirst for knowledge. I realize now thatengineering has played a major role in the advancement of the world before oureyes. Engineers have the ability to make something unsatisfactory satisfactory.

Engineering will help me push myself to take challenges and enhance mycreativity. It will provide a pathway for the development of my mathematicaland science skills. Therefore, I could change the world in a practical way,making it a better place for us and future generations.During the summer of 2017, I assisted my father with theconstruction of our villa. I would spend at least 5 hours per day, from helpingwith the electrical wiring, structural foundation of the house, to even checkingon the employees. I learnt a lot of the course of 3 months. I was able to experiencethe practical application of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural engineering.Additionally, I grasped other skills such as managing time effectively, workingas a team and building up leadership skills.

I have taken part in multiple activities outside theclassroom. One such activity includes teaching children at a local orphanage. I’vecollected over 100 hours at this orphanage.

I learnt many valuable lessons frommy experience. Despite being so poor and underprivileged, these children wereso joyful, while my friends and I, with our comfortable homes and luxuries,still wanted more. How do these children acquire such happiness? I had neverseen these children cry over their depressing histories. Never taking anything forgranted, they happily played with broken cricket bats, damaged toys and rocksalong the sidewalk. They even invented games using these rocks showcasing theircreativity. They value the education like treasure since they didn’t receiveany before coming to the orphanage. Even though I was only a tutor at theorphanage, I learnt a valuable lesson.

Happiness is something that depends onhow one is willing to interpret it. It is how proud an individual is with hisor her life, even if it is imperfect. In the universities I’m applying to, I would be surroundedby the many of the world’s innovators, thus this would further inspire me towardsgreater targets. I believe I posses the academic ablities, personal attributesand interest to further my studies as a college student as well as pursue thisfield as a career.