England & Spain Essay

Spain in order to learn our language and return, unless your Highnesses shoo old choose to have them all transported to Castle, or held captive in the island. ” This quo et addresses the action of Spain’s colonization. England forms the church of Engle and wants to compete with Spain in colonizing. Results in England beating Spain. Jamestown starts and is in possession of England. Tobacco was such was killer to buy and get. England starts a tobacco business The World History textbook informs of “John Roller, the husband of Pocahontas s, became father of the tobacco Industry and an economic savior of the Virginia colony. That quote Leary explains to us how big and important tobacco was in the colony by De scribing John Roller as being a savior-The tobacco business kept England Sustained. England was such a successful colony. While Spain depended on and use gold/silver for their economy , England ran with the tobacco business. Gold/ Silver can’t be reused for a long time nor is Gold/ Silver easy to find. Columbus says “there would be found a king who possessed large vessels of gold, and in great quantities. The quote expressed the challenges of finding Gold. In contrast to the England bee Eng rich, Spain becomes broke and can’t pay their debts. Spain started off being more sustainable in means of colonization. England co along and change that matter and ended off more successful. Through come editions and fights, England takes the win. Tobacco and Gold/ Silver ran both of these economies throughout the years. Franklin Learning Center F. L. C. Exam Rubric: Short Essay: American History Mr..

Magnolia Category 5 Paragraphs: Points Description IS: 5 paragraphs, each clearly separated with their respective purpose 12: 4 paragraphs or paper has 1 error in structure 9: 3 paragraphs or paper has 2 errors in Structure; intro and closing not clearly identifiable Grade 15/15 : 2 paragraphs or 3 errors in structure; little semblance of organization 3: 1 paragraph or 4 errors in structure; no semblance of O: Less than 1 paragraph use of Evidence: Per paragraph 15: Student used at least one quote and explained how it backed their claim 10: Student used evidence but did not explain how it backed their claims 5: Student use little to no evidence to back their claims O: No evidence used to back the students claims 15/15: Good work with the use of three quotes and analyzing them.

When quoting a source, use it’s title and all pertinent information (we will go over this later in the year). Avoid saying this: The World History textbook informs of “John Roller, the husband of Pocahontas, became father Of the tobacco in” Content 4: Student understands the content with 2 mistakes or few r 3: Student somewhat understands the content, however, there are 34 mistakes 2: Student struggles to understand the content with 2. 5/4 : Avoid saying “l, me, he, she, it, us. ” Also, don’t just copy from the notes: 56 mistakes 1: Student does not understand content with more than six mistakes O: Student has less that required prompt asks for writing This quote addresses the action of Spain’s colonization. England forms the church of England