English Argumentative Essay

Even though the Internet does watch how we live our lives it does provide us with entertainment, faster immunization, ability to get more work done, check the weather, and access it just about anywhere. We still need to realize that the internet is constantly watching over us.

The Internet tremendously invades our right to privacy because it collects our personal data and sells it to third parties. For example, every time you search on Google, your information is saved in a form called a cookie. If you wanted to search that subject again, it will pop up in your history.That means anyone working at Google could see what you are searching. Then there is Backbone who also collects our personal information. Backbone earns a profit for how many likes you make, the amount of friends you have, and the amount of statuses you write. So basically Backbone earns a profit for whatever you do and therefore is constantly watching your activity on their site. Online shopping sites record credit card numbers.

Therefore it is very wise to always check to see if you are buying from a secure site because if you do not, your credit card number could be stolen.When your credit card number is put on unsecured sites you could have it stolen by a hacker and seed. This could cost you a lot of money and your credit reduced. Privacy issues also involve smart phones. For example, smart phones connected to the Internet track your exact location. Wherever you may be with your smart phone a satellite is keeping track of your location. When searching on the Internet, you may encounter advertisements related to what you are looking at.

Companies are paid to observe the Internet sites people see and use.The information these companies collect is used to send related advertisement to people based on what they search on the Internet. We do need to understand that it is us that are the ones who put this information on the Internet for everyone to see. If we are not careful what we put on the Internet, we could become severely in trouble. What we put on the internet can really get us in trouble. For example, many companies perform background checks if they find something incriminating about you, there is a good chance you will not get hired with that company. Whatever we put on the Internet stays there forever.

An example of this would include putting pictures on the Internet for everyone to see as many nouns people tend to do. For example, the former congressmen Anthony Wiener sent pictures of his private area to three women over the Internet while in Congress. The pictures were released from a website called “The Dirty. ” Anthony Wiener became deeply in trouble and then resigned.

This incident just proves that whatever you put on the internet can really get you in trouble and ruin your life. Another example of how the government watches over what we put on the Internet would be child pornography.An example of people becoming caught through the internet are the ones that UT illegal child pornography there. This is just another example of how the government watches over us and what we put on the Internet.

Even though the Internet does collect our information, is not all bad news because the Internet can be very helpful. For example, the information am describing here, I researched it on the Internet. If you were able to access the Internet in the middle of Antarctica, you could communicate with your family and friends from this remote region.The Internet is very helpful when working on school work because you have a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips.

Communication is much faster with the Internet because you could be thousands of miles away from your family, talking to them on Backbone, and instantly be receiving messages from them. For work if you needed to have a meeting in a far off location you do not necessarily need actually need to be there. For example, with a fast connection you could use a program called Skips. Skips allows you to have a virtual meeting through a computer without really physically being there.If you are an online shopper then you are very much in luck because you could hop and find good deals just by sitting at a computer. This saves you the hassle burning your gas, finding parking at a store, and waiting in long lines. So really online shopping is a much more efficient means Of shopping. Instead of waiting days for a letter from a far off relative to arrive, email could be used instead.

With email anyone could send electronic letters to someone with the speed of light. Lastly, the Internet could be used for entertainment. People can access games, movies, music, and videos.Now, thanks to the Internet people have a variety of ways to entertain themselves. Just keep in mind that your privacy is not always secure on the Internet. The Internet infringes too much in our privacy and watches everything we do online, but also includes some positive factors. Search engines such as Google record our searches in the form of cookies and then send adds to us related to our searches. Social media sites also observe our Internet lives.

They collect information on the amount of friends we have, what we talk about, and the hobbies we enjoy.Even mobile devices such as smart phones track our moves and even share where you are for all to see. The Internet is to all just full of negatives.

Access to the Internet can be found almost just about any”here. The Internet provides us with millions of sources of information all at our finger tips. Communication is much faster because of the internet. For example, anyone could be communicating with a family member through the social media site Backbone from thousands of miles away.

Entertainment has tremendously increased with the Internet. People can find websites that play music, games, videos, and movies.