English Article Summary Essay

Reading this article, I really enjoyed the content that was being discussed because being a teenager, I found this article interesting because I felt as though it applied to me.

Basically the author of the article lead us to believe that children in the classrooms incorporate their own “texting and instant messaging” style into their papers and other writing assignments. She startled me with a statistic stating that 60% of the online population under the age of 17 uses instant messaging.Then, she goes on to tell us that the children are so use to abbreviating their words that they use things like “cuz” instead of cause and “wuz” instead of was. Teenagers write to each other just as much, if not more, as they write during school says Jennifer Lee. With that being said, I could definitely understand how children sometimes “accidently” abbreviate a few words as though they were texting. On the other hand, a former student stated that she had an exam to take and was running out of time so she used abbreviations on purpose to finish up in time.

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So while many kids use this “texting style” on their papers on accident, others tend to do it on purpose to finish more quickly. I could definitely relate to this topic because I use texting and instant messaging a lot in my daily life. It seems like every single day there is a new word or new phrase added to the “text lingo. ” Whether its “lol” or “smh” etc, people use it quite frequently. I have found myself also writing term papers and even taking notes and abbreviating things and I would have to catch myself. The fact that I am texting and instant messaging a lot, makes these errors more likely to occur.I feel as though teachers should definitely lower student’s scores on their assignments when they make this error because then next time they will be more likely to catch themselves before abbreviating something.

I could understand why the teachers in this article got so fed up with this trend because as Lee stated “it’s one thing when you repeat it once but it’s another when you repeat it 3 or 4 times. ” In the long run, I believe that children will look back on this and really appreciate what their teachers did to help them to stop incorporating their “texting style” into their school work.Most children don’t really understand until they are much older and sometimes by that time it’s too late. So therefore, teachers that are showing more initiative now is a positive sign and will most likely create a more positive outcome.

So in conclusion, this article was helpful in many ways. I believe it helped some teachers with their understanding on what they can do to reduce and hopefully prevent this problem, and it also served as a flashing light for current students, making them aware of the consequences that texting like this will have on them.