English Discussion Essay

Why is building a working knowledge of a subject critically important to the success of research writing? What is involved in this process and how can you, or should you, adapt this process to the online academic environment? Why, even as online students, is it not a good idea to consider a quick Google search good enough? When it comes to the importance of building working knowledge of a subject, it makes you have to search for the correct sources and make sure that you’re getting all of the correct facts for your research papers.

For my personal experience, the process is to do your normal searches, but when you click and look at a link I look for the author of said article or website I’m researching, and making sure that they are a credible source (Dr. PHD, etc. ) or if they’re from a trust worthy company with a solid knowledge background. A “good” Google search is not the best idea, because there are sites that claim they know their stuff, but in actuality, their facts are either incorrect or made up. Their facts may in fact be correct, but for a different subject that their article is not even about.

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There are also many sites that can be changed and altered by anyone. There’s so many websites that anyone can change because literally everyone has access to change the information to whatever they please, so you never know if the information is truly correct if anyone has permission to change the article. Which is why I look for credible sites with credible authors, companies, or even college sites that have articles for certain subjects. It can take me hours to find two or more credible sources, but that only depends on the topic I am writing about.