English Gcse 1st Person Narrative Essay

I didn’t have a care in the world until I opened the envelope. Last week I was jetting off to Dubai and now my whole reason for existence had been snatched from me. I couldn’t help but throw up as the adrenaline rushed through me; like when I got into my 1st fight on the wreck when I was 10, only this time I had no control over what might happen. My phone rang, the only person who had my new number was kaylei; my wife. I rushed into my pockets trying to find my phone, but it was like it had been stitched into the lining of the blasted jacket as I searched hand over fist through it until finally; I’d found it.I answered to Kaylei on the receiving end only for her confirm what I’d feared the most, they’d been taken.

A man with a familiar sounding voice then began to speak before I could ask anything, “ you have something that belongs to me, and I want it back”, I asked him what did he want from me to which he butted in and said, “You’ve got 1 hour to bring it to me at the Beach Hotel; room 307 or they will both lose their lives”! The phone went dead. At that moment my legs were trembling and I felt like throwing up again, “pull yourself together”, I thought.I didn’t know what this man wanted or whether he was capable of harming an innocent child and mother, but I wasn’t prepared to take that chance. I decided the only thing I could do was to go to the hotel and deal with this guy in person; since he’d not been so kind to leave me his number, but he did invite me to his room. I went to my garage to get my car but the damn thing wouldn’t start, that’s what happens when you leave a classic stood for a week.I did ask her to turn it over for me daily but she didn’t listen obviously, that’s Kaylei for you through and through, though if we come out of this alive I’ll be sure to remind her of this occasion.

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I looked up to see the 3 year old mountain bike that looked like it’d just come out of the the showroom, “seems that it’s got a use after all”, I thought. At least it’s only a couple of miles to the hotel. You can quite easily forget the slight gradients in the road as I pedalled relentlessly towards the beach cursing my damn car for not starting.These slopes were taking their toll on me and by now I was wishing I’d taken Kaylei’s advice to get myself into shape; but I didn’t realise how unfit I was. I’d now passed the mile mark and it was all down hill from here. I could see the beach in the distance and took the opportunity as my bike gained speed to allow the breeze to cool me down and re-compose myself. Then there it was, The Beachside Hotel. A haven for all the well to do holidaymakers, but a hell-hole for my family and me.

I entered the tinted glass-spinning doorway, manned by one of those cliche doormen with a hat, the kind that speak to you like you’re the only person in the world; even though we all know that he resents anyone who can afford a room at this hotel. Though this time I detected he was judging me for being flustered and in a hurry, not the normal type you’d expect to see passing these royal walls. I headed straight for the lift, “excuse me”, I heard from behind, “excuse me sir”, he said again. It was security asking me what room I was in. “Room 407”, I replied, the first number I could think of. “There must be some mistake”, he said.

I didn’t give him a moment to think before I ran towards the stairwell hearing him shouting, “stop”, as I paced away. He did try to chase me but like all of these nearly retired, overweight security guards; the best thing he could do was to radio one of the whippersnappers to do the job for him whilst he stayed out of the way downstairs and called the police. I’d found room 307 and anxiously knocked on the door and waited. I knocked again this time giving my name; it opened, almost as if it had a mind of its own. I looked straight ahead and there Kaylei was with my son Kye. Strangely they weren’t frightened.The door suddenly closed and the man grabbed me.

In the adrenaline fuelled moment I’d not noticed who he was; my own brother Anthony. “What are you doing”? I shouted. He asked me if I’d brought what he’d asked for. I told him I didn’t know what he wanted and asked why he was doing this to us. He told me to stop messing him around and pulled out a gun. I only had one option left; that was to punch him in his gut and go for his gun.

As I did a shot was fired and by now security were sure to have phoned the police and be looking for me. In all the commotion we fell to the floor and he dropped the gun.I reached out for it and Kaylei managed to grab it and give it to me. I looked him in the eye and fired one shot into his torso. He fell back winded as Kaylei, Kye, and I burst into laughter at his almost child-like moans from where the paintball had hit him. I’d beaten my big brother at my first kidnap themed excursion.

I didn’t believe them when they told me it was this much fun, but it brought back the nostalgia of being a child in the woods playing Cowboy’s and Indian’s. I’d be sure to do this again sometime, though next time we’d have to try the car chase one instead.