English Is a Global Language? Essay

Do people agree that English is a global language? Do people know why they need a global language? Why do people all over the world learn English? Of course, English is a global language, but it does not mean everyone can speak English in the world, and it does not mean every country uses English as an official language. In 2009, English is the native language for one third of all people and on the first ranking that most people have spoken. (Weber, 1995, The World’s 10 most influential language. ) People can see English everywhere, in every country.

Besides, although English is not an official language in some countries, it is still a most often being used for second language around the world. English exists everywhere. Many people use or speak English even if English is not their first language. For example, people always say “Hi” or “Yes” instead using their mother language because these two words are very common. Moreover, people always use English slang. Have anyone ever wondered why people who do not speak English play a video game that is written in English? Have anyone ever wondered why people who never speak English are able to sing English songs?

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English has spread all over the world. People do not understand English but watch English-speaking movies. People do not understand English but watch English sporting games. People who not speak English but have a English name. Although English is not most people’s first language, English is still related to many people’s life. (Lam, 2009, ezinearticles) Why people don’t think Mandarin is a global language? Mandarin is spoken by more people than English, but Mandarin is not spoken much outside Asia. A global language is a language spoken internationally.

A global language is not only a majority people spoken, but also use in international organization or international event. At the Olympic Games in China, the Mandarin sign will only appear when Beijing hosts the game. But wherever the game host, English will always exist. However, French is one of the most spoken languages in a world, and it is known has abundant literary tradition. But whenever the global languages have been mentioned, people will think English is the global language. Nowadays, due to the economic and culture change, China and India have began to dominate the world circumstances.

English might lose the position as the only global language. A language becomes global language for many reasons; most people spoke, and the power of people spoken it. The power means have strong economic, strong political, and strong culture. Certainly, due to the world situation, English has become a first global language. But English could be replaced if the United State loses their economic position. Any language could become a global language, but so far, English is still a language that is most known and most recognized. Do people know why they need a global language?

Of course, a global language makes people’s life easier and more convenient. A global language is most often used for international activities or international business. People need a world language to communicate. People need a world language to do their business. What happens if everyone speaks the same language in the world? People will lose the interest on learning another language and lose the culture of different language To sum up, currently, English is the only language which appears all over the world, and the only language that most countries recognize as their second language.

English is still the language that most countries have used as their second language. English is still on the first ranking that most people have spoken. No matter people understand English or not, they will still use English in their daily life. Day by day, a new global language might come out, but still, English is always a global language in our lives. Reference: Weber, G. (1995). The World’s 10 most influential language. Publisher. From http://www. andaman. org/BOOK/reprints/weber/rep-weber. htm Lam, S. (2009). Publisher. From http://ezinearticles. com/? Why-You-Need-to-Learn-English&id=2796502

Summary: The main idea of this article is “English is a global language. ” Dave Crystal states that most people would agree that English is a global language because it appears everywhere and affects people’s life every day. For instance, whenever you travel around the world, you notice that signs and advertisement are written in English. Besides, you hear it on television everywhere. At the beginning of the article, Dave Crystal appears many interesting questions about English in his mind and he says people need to explore them no matter whether your first language is English or not.

Besides, he thinks people who speak English as their mother tongue may have mixed feelings. You may feel pride because your language has been so successful; on the other hand, you feel sad that other countries may not want to use your language as their language or they may even abuse it. In addition, people who speak other language as their mother tongue may have mixed feelings as well. As they know that learning English help them to meet more friends and have better communication. Conversely, you may feel angry if you live in other countries and notice how success of English is, but not your own language.

Secondly, Dave Crystal explains in detail what a global language is. He believes that a global language means a common language and recognized in many countries. More to the point, there are a lot of people speak English as their mother tongue in the world such as the in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Thirdly, he states that to reach a language global status, a language has to be adopted by other countries all over the world. There are two ways to do it. First of all, make an official language as a medium of communication. Next, a language can be made precedence in a country’s foreign-language teaching.

Fourthly, he considers that international language authority is the result of military might and economic power. In addition, in early nineteenth century, Britain stood on a vantage point of industrial and trading. Besides, the USA dominated economy in the world. Therefore, English as a global language. In conclusion, the author talks about whether anything could stop a global language. He also uses the co-chairman of the Commission on Global Government’s commentary, to mention that there is no retreat for denying English is a world language.