English Iv Essay

. Was the monstrous killing of Grendel justified or not? -Grendel killed 30 men in his first attack, and who knows how many in subsequent attacks. He terrorized the Danes for 12 years, robbing them of Heorot which represented home, royal might, and safety. Finally, he attacked Beowulf and his men with the intent to murder them. Since he murdered dozens of men with no provocation, and showed every indication that he meant to continue doing so, I believe his death was justified. 2.

Would you consider the actions of the Gawain to be inappropriate or were they justified? -His actions were inappropriate in themselves, but also justified in the sense that he lacked experience and knowledge to act better. He was also messing around with the green knight’s wife. 3. Would you consider Barbra Allen’s treatment of Jeremy Grove to be cruel or no? -Yes I would consider Allen’s treatment of Jeremy grove to be cruel because she left him there and never should him love.

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Also his face was red and he was waiting for her and she never came. She was on her death bed and she begged to be buried by Jeremy. 4. Are there any circumstances in today’s world where you feel monstrous about behavior would be appropriate or justified? -. Yes there are circumstances in todays world that I feel monstrous behavior. It is not justified because there are people killing others and killing themselves. There are people lying,stealing,cursing,raping and kidnapping. There is also adultery going on.