English Paper Essay

Erica Montoya Dr. Sunita Lanka English 253 24 October 2012 George Maxwell’s Decision George Maxwell has a company that is named Maxwell’s Plumbing Supply that has been running for 20 years. George has made an excellent effort through his own hard work, great communications within his community, and has knowledge of his trade which has helped him throughout the years. He is an African-American and is sensitive towards issues of racial diversity and his minority hiring.

George faces an issue in the story which is that he has to replace his supervisor that is about to retire. He does have one person in mind which is to hire Hector as the new supervisor. The purpose of this assignment to advise George whether or not it would be wise to hire Hector. There are several advantages of hiring Hector to become a supervisor. Hector is hard working and reliable for the reason that he has made numerous suggestions that have increased the efficiency of the company.

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He has been with the company for 12 years, although other have been there for a longer time. Hector also has the qualities that are necessary to run the company the way a supervisor must. These are the advantages in hiring hector as a supervisor. Hector does bring with him some problems and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that there are five other employees that have been with the company longer than hector and seniority is very important in the workplace. George is worried that his employees feel slighted if one of them is not given the job to become supervisor.

Another disadvantage is hector’s English, which is not as good as George would like with this problem the reason that he is hard to understand sometimes, especially with the clients and on the phone. A problem that might arise is that about 18 months ago some Filipino women would speak there language during work and convinced hector in suing George for not letting them speak their language and now nobody speaks to the women but the employees do speak to Hector. The above mentioned are Hector’s disadvantages in hiring him as supervisor.

George seeks the advice of his senior employees in what their opinions are in whether he should promote Hector as a supervisor. Myron Johnson, believes that Hector would make a good supervisor because of the work he did on fixing their inventory system was fantastic. She also admits that she has more seniority than him but she explains that he has the brains and you got to give the man credit for everything that he has out his hard work into. Cynthia Pressman, explains that he is a really great guy and very bright.

She thinks that the tagalong issue will have no effect in him becoming a supervisor because people get over things quick. These are partial opinions from his senior employees. After having to compare the advantages and disadvantages of hiring Hector, the best option would be to promote him as supervisor because of all the things he has done and been through in the company for the past 12 years. I think that in hiring Hector would be a wise and great decision because of the advantages Hector brings with him. Montoya