* Henry encounters many of the horrors and


*English 10 ManuscriptIntroduction:Ernest Hemingway has once said, “In order to write about life, first you must live it”. One of the greatest and well known American novelist and short story writer, Ernest Hemingway depicts his life as both a soldier and writer in many stories related to his life when he served in the first World War. Born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, IL,  he started his career as a writer for a newspaper office in Kansas City. Once the United States entered World War 1, Hemingway joined a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army. At the front, Hemingway was severely wounded and spent a great deal of time in hospitals, recovering from his injury. For his heroism, he was decorated by the Italian Government. After he moved to Paris, he devoted himself in writing the masterpieces that influenced many readers in the 20th century, such as A Farewell to Arms, The Old Man and The Sea, and The Sun Also Rises. For all his revolutionizing work, Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.Transition: Summaries of Books:A Farewell to ArmsThis novel brings in a war and love story together to show how the force of love acts as a gateway to leave behind the stress and painful experiences of war. The story focuses on the life of Lieutenant Frederic Henry, who is an American ambulance driver in the Italian front.  Set during World War 1, Henry encounters many of the horrors and catastrophes war can breed. As an ambulance driver, he deals with the harsh reality of seeing troops on the battlefield either get killed or wounded.After Henry leaves the front, he meets and falls in love with Catherine Barkley, who is an English nurse at the British hospital.As the story continues, we follow the strong bond between Henry and Catherine as they struggle to attain their relationship as the war tries to break them apart.The love between them is so strong, it is to the point where Henry deserts his unit and escapes with Catherine to live their life without a war to worry about.Transition: Following the same idea of war and love, The Sun Also Rises is another of Hemingway’s novel that portrays the aftermath of war and how the generation The Sun Also RisesSet in Europe during the 1920s, we follow Jake Barnes, who is an American Veteran in World War 1, through a journey of friendship and love as he and Robert Cohn travel from Paris to the aggressive bullfighting rings in Spain. Along the journey, we are introduced to Lady Brett Ashley, whom Jake loves but is going to get married to Mike Campbell. Transition: The Old Man and the SeaOne of Hemingway’s greatest short novel as he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1953 for this book. Although this story may not incorporate war itself, it portrays many of the characteristics of war, such as relationships, suffering, hope, and perseverance. The story is set in Havana, Cuba, where an old fisherman by the name of Santiago, struggles to catch a great fish. Although he has not caught a single fish in an 84 day period, hope and perseverance drive Santiago to go out to sea everyday.  In the first 40 days, a boy has been with Santiago, helping him around with food, cleaning his shack, and catching bait. After 40 days without a fish, the boy’s parents see Santiago as the worst form of unlucky, telling the boy to stop visiting the old fisherman.However, the boy looks up to Santiago and he continues to visit him helping around with chores. On the 85th day, Santiago intends of traveling far beyond the usual spot to increase his chance of catching a fish.Transition:Across the River and into The TreesFollows the life of Colonel Richard Cantwell, a 51 year old veteran who is dying of a heart disease after fighting in both world wars.  Because of the disease, he sets out on a journey to relive his earlier life as a young soldier by meeting friends and former comrades who served in the world war. Most of his important stories and experiences are shared with Renata, a 19 year old Italian countessTransition:Writing Style/Author’s Craft:Imagery:Hemingway has great use of imagery to represent certain aspects of the weather as a symbol. A Farewell to Arms has 2 particular symbols that CharacterizationPerspectiveOpinion of Author:Although historical fiction is not one of my enjoyable and favorite genres, Ernest Hemingway, in my opinion, sets out a the novel as if the reader were within the pages of the book. I very much enjoy how Hemingway sets up his novels as he incorporates parts of his life into stories.  

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