ENGRO monitoring internal controls, compliance audits and in


Engro Foods is one of
the fastest and largest industry of Pakistan and this organization has a vision
to meet consumer needs which are conforming to global level. They are greatly
passionate I providing their products across the nation and comprises of
bestselling brand in its products such as Olper Milk, Lassi, Dairy Omung, Omore
ice cream and Tarang.

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This organization at
the forefront of their guiding philosophy will keep on striking for innovation
and provide consumer satisfaction in different ways.

The job selected is of
financial manager who can organize, plan, control and direct the financial
activities in effective and efficient manner. Following is the Job Description
and Job Specification of this specific work.


Job description is
written statement of what job holder does, how it is done? Under what
conditions and why? Job description is used to describe job to applicants, to
guide new employees and to evaluate employees. The common format of job description



Controller financial service

The responsibility is to make financial reports and
analyzing data present in it to different degrees. Moreover, monitoring
internal controls, compliance audits and in budgeting process participation is

2.  Duties

For long term financial goals of an organization this financial manager work develops
strategies and plans. Produce financial reports and direct investment

Financial reports are analyzed, to make sure that legal requirements are met
and methods are determined to reduce costs. Financial reports are examined to lessen
the costs.

The responsibility of financial health of the organization is of them. Employees
that are involved in budgeting and financial reporting their supervision is

Distinguishing characteristics

The distinguishing characteristics are many. Some of
them are innate problem solver. It is important to collect, analyze information
for financial manager. Analytical skills are required. Exceptional leadership
is a distinguishing characteristic of financial manager. It is required for
their own and others passionate motivation. Intellectual curiosity is also
required as he is thought motivator of the organization. Technical skills are
very important for the work of financial manager. Advancement in technology has
made it very important. Financial manager have self management ability as they
can perform effectively and efficiently without any direct quidence and
supervision in this work the person has humble confidence and they keep team
and company ahead of themselves. Moreover, adaptable communication and professionalism
is also a distinguishing characteristic required in this financial manager.

Environmental conditions

Mostly office environment is environmental condition
for them and they are required to travel as needed to company subsidiaries.
Their working conditions are both team work and independent also.

Job Location

Engro Foods main office is located in Islamabad and
the working place where the financial mangers work is in Lahore, Karachi and

Machines to be used

Tools used in this occupation are desktop, notebook
computers, Tablet computers and scanners. Technology used in this occupation is
data analysis software, accounting software and business intelligence.





Job Specification

A job specification describes the education, skills,
abilities, experience and knowledge you believe to have for a specific job. It
is created from jab analysis and ideally also created from the job description,
job specification describes what type of person you want to hire for a job.


A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics,
or business administration is often the minimum education needed for financial
managers. However, many employers now seek candidates with a master’s degree,
preferably in business administration, finance, or economics. Professional
qualification in accounting is also necessary in order to be a part of
financial manager such as ACCA, ACA or CIMA. Following is the qualification of
a person who is known to be a part of finance worker

ACCA of two years for professional accounting
qualification from SKANS School of Accounting from 2011 to 2012


• Worked as a security sales agent, accountant and
financial analyst.

• Formal management training program to motivate
skilled financial worker to become financial manager


This consists of number of experience in the work
you are able to require to fill.  Note
that the position you have required is weather complex, supervisory, managerial
experience or responsible experience.

financial management skills

•Knowledge of procedures in a program
and financial system

•Proven ability to lead motivates,
develop and manage the team.

•Management skills in project

•Ability to work among culture
context in a wide manner and also sensitive towards culture differences

•Good IT skills and numerical skills.

•Have the potential to take routine
administrative task of auditing.


•Active to provide solution oriented

•Committed to high quality and
quantity standards.

•Work calmly under pressure and self


•Strong interactive skills in both
oral and verbal.

•Skills of coordinating with other
members from within and outside the department also ability to develop
effective relationship

•Ability to provide business
awareness to assist non financial managers

Background requirement

•It is useful for selecting and
screening the employee as it explains the significant and important
characteristics you seek in new candidate.

•Experience of working abroad for
one year with Humanitarian Agency in international aid

•Experience of managing team of
finance on Tetra Pack Ltd, including the training and development of national

•Experience of finance reporting and
monitoring to strict deadlines

•Effective in auditing process and
management of financial operations of assets in Tetra pack    limited company for one year.

Job Description and Job Specification are important part of job analysis
information. Writing them accurately and clearly will help organization to cope
up with many challenges.