Enjoyable Weekend Essay

In Malaysia, there are many interesting places to visit such as Pantai Santubong, Sarawak Culture Village. Gunung Kinabalu, A’Famosa, Genting Highland, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Langkawi and many more. We can spend our holiday at one of the places to release our stress, spending time with our family or even to relax our mind from our busy life. It took us about one hour to go the by flight. Before we get our rent car at the, I took many interesting brochure at the Langkawi Airport . My family and I enjoyed the view very much. As soon as we reach near the beach, I was so fascinated by the scenery.

The sea water clean and so was the sand. I just cannot wait to walk on the beach. After that, we check-in the Bella Vista Hotel. My parents took one room while my sister and me took another. Inside, the room was decorated very beautifully and looked elegant. I really love it. We wants to swim in the swimming pool but before that, we had to take our nap because we need enough energy to swim in the swimming pool. After taking our nap, we change our swimming outfit. The swimming pool was not that deep which suited me because I am not a very good swimmer after all.

I swam very happily because my family was there with me. After that, my father brought us to walk on the beach. We played beach ball, building sand castle and picked sea shell for souvenir. We played there until evening. In the evening, we had our dinner at the hall. It was a barbeque buffet. There was a lot of food and they tasted very delicious. I ate a lot until my stomach was full. After having our dinner, we went to Underwater World the largest marine and freshwater marine. It cost RM28 per person. I get to see lots of fishes and marine life.

For example seals, pink dolphin, green sea turtle, sea stars, butterfly fishes and bamboo snakes. We watch a 3D movie which is include with the ticket. After the movie, we went back to the hotel. I had a little talk with my sister until we were fast asleep. In the morning, we had our breakfast in the restaurant. The food was also delicious. After that, we packed our thing because it was already time to go airport. We check-out of the hotel and went straight back to the airport and take a flight back Kuala Lumpur. Even though the journey was tiring, I really enjoy our holiday. I hope to have an enjoyable weekend like this again.