Enlightenment Essay

Napoleon and The French Empire Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of the French from 1 804 to 1814, he was also emperor again in 1815. He ruled in France where he he lead the French in the Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. As Emperor he practiced Roman Catholicism and made peace with the Pope and the church. Napoleon protected his people especially in the way that he wanted all people to be equal no matter their class.

Others could also say he didn’t do a great job in protecting his people being that so many lost their lives in battle. He was very tolerant of other cultures and beliefs, he never leaned toward one superior nationality nor religion. He respected other cultures and different thoughts, and was not not biased. Bonaparte was an avid child and spent most of his time reading books.

As emperor he promoted education and had a great interest in learning and each inning.Napoleon believed everyone should have a chance to show what they had to offer. His empire was a meritocracy, meaning everyone was equal. His Napoleonic Code spread equality in all of Europe. If I were to grade Napoleon and his practice of Enlightenment ideas, I would give him a 8+. The only advice would have to offer to him, is that the protection of people should be a top priority, although many believe he did well in this area.