Enrance Essay

In building a society of freedom, trust and unity there must be communication between people of the society. To make the ultimate stable community they must share the same aspects towards the agreements of their shared lifestyles. This shared aspect is called Good Citizenship.

The big question is, what does Good Citizenship really mean? I will now define the word Good Citizenship. Good Citizenship comes from within the persons own morals toward the laws of society. I will first give you the definition from Plato s point of view. He said that the political community is best off if the average citizen did not actively participate in politics.He is wrong with his hypothesis. But this hypothesis leads to the true definition of Good Citizenship.

Good Citizens are defined by the laws and rulers of their respective states, the human is morally a good human being. I have a few examples of what makes these people Good Citizens. They first have to think about political candidates for whom you consider voting. So this should involve everybody of the surrounding community, no matter what class they come from, everybody should have the equal right to vote. Secondly the people of the community should all have an equal toll of paying taxes to that existing government.Then the people of the community should all be on the same side. They should all obey the laws set forth the people of the following community.

Finally the people have to participate in a union, coming from that community of what these examples all make up Good Citizenship. Now, comes up the remark that Good Citizens are made and not born. Basically it means the way people are brought up comes from their background. This is the reason why I agree people are made and not born a good citizen. A human being is born and then taught the way of living in a good manner.

The way a child is brought up defines his or her personality.This is why everybody who follows Good Citizenship has to pass it down to his or her own children. All the traits that make a good citizen have to be taught to them and the best time to start is when they are born and growing up understanding their own individuality. This is why Good Citizenship is made and not born is the defeated purpose. The willing people that bring this concept into their lives and pass it on to the youth of today is what makes good society.

This society comes from Good Citizens and the only way to keep a good society is to follow the laws of being a Good Citizen, and passing it on from generation to generation.