Enrollment System Essay

A Technical Thesis submitted to the Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department Cavite State University – Indang Campus Indang, Cavite In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Master of Information Technology CHRISTOPHER G. ESTONILO September 2010 PRELIMARIES A. Title Page B. Approval Sheet C. Biographical Sheet D. Acknowledgment E. Abstract F.

Table of Content G. List of Tables H. List of Figures I. List of Appendix Table I. INTRODUCTION A.

Statement of the Problem B. Objectives of the Study C. Importance of the Study D.Time and Place of the Study E. Scope and Limitation of the Study F. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE III.

MATERIALS AND METHOD A. Overview of the Existing System B. Existing System Flowchart C. User Overview D. Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System E.

Analysis of the Existing System IV. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION A. Overview of the Proposed System B. System Design 1. User Overview 2. Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System 3.

Database Design 4. Data Dictionary 5. Proposed System Flowchart 6. Proposed Program Flowchart 7. Minimum System Requirement .

Cost and Benefit Analysis of the Proposed System V. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation A. Summary B. Conclusion C.

Recommendation APPENDICES A. Bibliography B. Distribution of Developmental Schedule • Gantt Chart C. Fact-Finding Techniques • Interview Report • Problem Definition (Fishbone, Ishikawara) • Observation Report • Gathered Documents D.

Sample Screen of the Proposed System E. User’s Manual • Product Overview • Minimum System Requirement • Installation and Back-up Procedure • How to Use • Error Messages and Recovery Procedure F. Students’ Profile