Entrepreneurial opportunities and franchise opportunities Essay

Entrepreneurial chances and franchise chances differ from one another chiefly by the different hazards that affect both in many different ways.

It is in an enterpriser ‘ nature to take hazards and attack every possible chance to go successful. They risk get downing up a concern, cognizing that they will non be acquiring any support or aid from external influences, whereas franchisees are people who want to be ‘their ain foreman ‘ excessively nevertheless are non prepared to get down up a concern from abrasion. Therefore franchisees choose to purchase into a franchise, where he or she will be acquiring the support of the franchisor. This shows that franchisees need and want a safety cyberspace and excess security from person else. However there are downswings such as per centum payment to the franchisor and limitations which do non let the franchisee to do certain alterations which he or she would wish to do to the concern every bit good as many others. Same applies to enterprisers, where hazards such as misidentifying a bad and non good thought through chance from ‘a good concern thought ‘ can easy be made every bit good as many others.

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Entrepreneurial chances by enterprisers are the possible ways of making new concern watercourses for a new venture or within an already established administration. An entrepreneurial chance is ‘a state of affairs in which a individual can make a new means-ends model for recombining resources that the enterpriser believes will give a net income ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.210 ) .

To successfully place an chance an enterpriser has to understand the market really good, every bit good as clients ‘ ever altering demands. However as the new engineering changed the manner concerns work, it is really of import for an enterpriser to hold a wider position of the possible industry transmutations. To get down a successful concern and continue to develop it, an enterpriser has to maintain in head the external environment excessively, every bit good as the internal. This so helps him or her to detect and do the most of new chances and maintain flexibleness due to the altering market. Furthermore, an enterpriser has to hold many accomplishments which are important to be successful. Such accomplishments would include chance designation, which is the first and a must hold accomplishment needed for success. Resource leverage is needed excessively because it is the manner an entrepreneur trades with the happening of any jobs or issues sing the few resources available at the start up of a concern. Networking is important for success, for both franchisees and enterprisers, because it gets the individual and the concern known and recognised which helps in the long tally, for any sponsorship, support or aid from other influences.

Decision-making has to be speedy and trusty for an enterpriser because when an chance arises, he or she has to make up one’s mind fast whether the chance is really a good concern thought, before it is excessively late and person else invests in it. Product/service cognition every bit good as market/industry apprehension are besides really of import in both instances, the enterprisers and the franchisees, because if both are acknowledged good there is a much greater opportunity of success which consequences in less hazard being taking than when get downing up a concern without to the full understanding the industry and the merchandises, and the demand for it. Further more, being advanced and being determined are the cardinal accomplishments of an enterpriser. Innovation is indispensable because it is the ability to contrive and/or present something new. Being determined besides plays a strong portion in an enterpriser ‘s calling, where he or she has the desire for independency and control over his fate. This ‘freedom ‘ brings many ups and downs, hence ‘such resoluteness and committedness give the necessary motive and self-belief to get by with the inevitable hazards, difficult work and failures that follow ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.50 ) . It is normally shown through a finding to organize the resources necessary for success and overall an enthusiasm to do the endeavor win.

An enterpriser ‘s driving force is the demand for accomplishment, which is the desire to accomplish a end from a possible chance. Therefore an enterpriser ‘s demand for achievement follows by risk-taking, assurance in success, desire for independency, and energy in prosecuting ends. Overall ‘entrepreneurs have been shown to possess higher accomplishment motive than other business communities ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.

44 ) . Entrepreneurs more than anyone else have to hold strong self-belief in order to place a good concern chance, particularly an chance that no 1 else has already spotted. Even if there are n’t adequate resources for the chance, an enterpriser would still travel for the thought, which shows even greater self-belief. On the other manus, if a franchisee sees a concern chance, he or she can so carry on elaborate research every bit good as acquire professional advice about the concern before really get downing it up, where every bit, an enterpriser has to merely swear his self-belief of success, to get down up a concern from abrasion without any other already available resources.

This is the chief ground why franchising is less hazardous than endeavor, even though the self-belief and the thrust for success can be inherited by both enterprisers and franchisees, because both want to accomplish set ends and be successful at it. An advantage to entrepreneurs is the fact that franchisees have to pay a annual per centum of their net incomes to franchisors where as enterprisers do non hold to pay such per centums.Entrepreneurs are really categorised as risk-takers and hence know that there will non be a safety cyberspace provided for them when they start up a concern from abrasion. Some enterprisers are every bit utmost as prosecuting every possible chance with small resources available at the clip. These are called the self-seeker enterprisers. They normally have a compulsive competitory personality which makes them desire to turn out themselves clip and clip once more by taking hazards, or they merely have the assurance to take on any possible challenge that is ‘thrown at them ‘ . Some argue that there is even a nexus between hazard pickings and testosterone degrees which normally ( particularly immature ) entrepreneurs possess high degrees of ; therefore they are more altered to taking hazards.

Besides entrepreneurs who take high-risks have the determination devising orientation which makes them accept and be cognizant of loss. However in exchange they keep in head the fact that if they win they acquire a greater possible wages. Therefore there is a balance between hazard and wages, and sometimes what appears as a hazard to some is an chance for others. So to take upon a high hazard, an enterpriser has to hold strong ego belief, every bit good as great motive and passion for the chance they are set abouting.Opportunities tend to remain unsure until after they become accomplished which is the trouble for the enterpriser.

Almost ever at the start of puting up a new concern, an enterpriser ne’er knows whether the concern chance will really go successful, which shows the high hazard that has to be taken by enterprisers. Therefore non all new venture thoughts represent a new concern chance. For the enterpriser, to set up if a ‘good concern thought ‘ is a possible chance, could take months or even old ages to research upon.By looking at the franchise chances by franchisees, it is clear that taking up a franchise offering gets the franchisee into the start of his or hers ain concern rather easy ; nevertheless it can still be a extremely hazardous pick to take upon. When thought of franchising, franchisees can carry on research on the wanted concern and happen out its net incomes, trade name image, success and etc before they decide whether they decidedly want to franchise that peculiar concern.

The concern construct will be already proven by the British Franchise Association, which means that the concern is legal and, already up and running. This means that the concern theoretical account is already written for franchisees which so becomes easier for them to get down up a concern, nevertheless enterprisers have to make it themselves which takes more clip, difficult work, emphasis and hazard. Besides when a franchisee decides to take an chance, the manner to work and run the chosen concern would already be worked out and tested. Furthermore, things like preparation and support will be provided, which include pick of providers, site choice and proficient preparation every bit good as many others. ‘Statistically, fewer franchises fail than other concern start-ups ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.250 ) which means that get downing up a franchise is less hazardous than puting up your ain concern from abrasion. This is besides because the concern a franchisee will be taking upon will hold national stigmatization established already, will hold solid trading name and if it is a big concern it will already hold national or even international advertisement runs. Further more the franchisee will non hold to worry about the environmental alterations themselves, because the franchisor would hold besides undertaken research and development, and competitory analysis.

Therefore this shows that the franchisee wants a safety cyberspace from the franchisor, for excess security and less hazard. Besides franchisees benefit from immense economic systems of graduated table, for illustration good known companies such as McDonalds buy immense sums of their stock ( ingredients, packaging and etc ) in majority, therefore the costs are normally significantly lower compared to entrepreneurial concerns, which can non afford to buy stock and any other goods in huge measures, so they have to pay higher monetary values.However on the downswing, a franchise is person else ‘s concern thought, the ‘franchisee is merely implementing, non making ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.250 ) . Therefore a franchisee would hold restricted chances for prosecuting entrepreneurial thoughts. This besides means that the franchisee will miss independency because the franchisor will do the regulations, which will hold to be followed. As a consequence, some franchisees can non hold adequate control of their concern because the understandings become restrictive. Besides sometimes ‘a franchisee ‘s district can be altered by the franchisor, which in some instances affects the profitableness of the franchise ‘ ( KeyNote, 2010 ) which is once more a hazard that a franchisee should see.

Another hazard that is possible for the franchisee is the fact that he or she is dependent on the stableness of the franchisor, for illustration ‘a national job with the franchise can dramatically impact the franchisee who has no control over events ‘ ( Stokes, 2006, p.250 ) . The strength and repute of the trade name are of import because the franchisee ‘s success will depend on it, hence the franchisee will be affected if the repute is damaged.Looking at the recent recession, statistically franchises performed better than endeavors, harmonizing to the KeyNote franchising market study for 2010.

Even though franchises did rather good during this difficult period of clip, some still experienced some troubles like trading conditions. Customers wanted lower monetary values where as providers were seeking to negociate better footings, hence a decrease in the franchisees ‘ profitableness was the downswing. Harmonizing to the British Franchise Association ( BFA ) , in 2009 the figure of franchisee appliers was exceptionally high, because a batch of excess business communities decided to go franchise proprietors alternatively of being unemployed or working for person else. Besides even though the recession hit ‘there have been a surprising figure of new entrants into the franchising market ‘ ( KeyNote, 2010 ) . This once more proves the point that new franchises carry fewer hazards than new endeavors because in difficult times such as recession it is much more hard for an enterpriser to happen inexpensive and good trade doing providers and etc, where as for the franchisee this is already sorted by the franchisor.Before get downing up a concern a franchisee can carry on research on everything about the wanted concern.

This is important because the franchisee will hold to convey in their ain finance and money to the concern which could be their life nest eggs and/or a mortgage on their place or etc. The franchisee besides has to understand that he or she will be dependent on franchisor, their construct and system, ‘for the public assistance of themselves and their households ‘ ( Mendelsohn, 2005, p.59 ) . Usually it is best to acquire professional specializer advice, to engage a franchise attorney to supply the franchisee with advice of the cogency and the viability of the concern.

Before subscribing the contract the franchisee needs to do certain that the concern is stable, has established good will, repute and has an individuality of the trade name. Besides even though the opportunity of failure is less when franchising, it can still go on. The hazards that a franchisee could confront would be such as before holding to franchise, the franchisor might hold non decently tested the construct before franchising it, or he or she was under-capitalised, took bad determinations or was merely dishonest.

The franchisee besides needs to admit if the franchisor will supply go oning services decently or even at all. However no franchisee should do himself believe that the franchisor guarantees his success or that he will decidedly subvention the franchisee ‘s failure. Therefore ‘the concern hazard the franchisee runs is his ‘ ( Mendelsohn, 2005, p.117 ) . However in some instances, franchisors do offer franchisees buy-out understandings. For illustration if a franchisee fails in the 3rd twelvemonth of his 10 twelvemonth franchise understanding, the franchisor could offer him a trade, which would do him travel off ‘quietly ‘ without actioning the company but holding to pay a certain sum of money. However these trades are non used by many good franchisors and if offered, should be considered really good by franchisees because it could intend that the franchisor is non really dependable.

Furthermore, compared to get downing from abrasion as an enterpriser, there are really fewer hazards for the franchisee get downing up a franchise. This is chiefly because the franchisor is offering the experience of running your ain concern, with already detected and solved jobs which normally a new concern has to confront. The franchisor would besides hold had carried out the development cost which frequently an person could non afford to put on the line. Therefore it is ‘a concern which has a proved record of success upon which a franchisee can construct ‘ ( Mendelsohn, 2005, p.113 ) . Another advantage for potentially less hazard when franchising for the franchisee is the acknowledgment of Bankss make loaning beginnings and footings available, more attractive than those offered to non-franchised new concerns. Besides as mentioned earlier, it is less hazardous because the franchisee will hold entree to all the hallmarks, trade names, trade secrets, service Markss, copyright stuff and know-how every bit good as any other secret procedures or expression.

However the lone ruin of these benefits is the fact that the franchisee will hold to pay the franchisor for these services provided through go oning franchisee fees.It is arguable that franchisees potentially have fewer hazards when get downing up their ain concern compared to entrepreneurs. This is because franchisees get the aid and support when get downing up, from the franchisor for whom they have to pay a per centum of their net income to. However there is still a opportunity of failure of the concern, even if it is non the franchisees mistake.

If a franchisor starts up a concern which he decides to franchise, and does non properly acknowledge all the possible jobs and issues that could happen, and so a franchisee decides to take upon such chance, the franchisor will be responsible for the failure. This means that the franchisee would put on the line and fundamentally blow his ain clip and his ain money ( e.g. all the household nest eggs ) on such chance which so, can merely neglect without it even being the franchisees mistake. Furthermore, the chief hazards that are taken for an enterpriser are when they choose to take upon an chance which they do non needfully cognize if it is traveling to be successful or non.

An enterpriser can put a batch of clip, money and difficult work into puting up a concern from abrasion which in the long tally may merely non win and neglect. Another major difference and hazard taken by an enterpriser is the fact that they are on their ain and do non have any support from external influences which makes it tough, because the competition may be excessively large and powerful, which could reason in failure of the concern.