Environmental Awareness Among Society Essay

THE PROPOSAL IN STUDY OF ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AMONG SOCIETY INTRODUCTION Environment is the surrounding of an object and it is an essential for all living things in this world and we, humans are part of the environment. Every living has the right to enjoy and nourish the natural environment. We are inherited the environment for our young generation. As for that, we are responsible to take care and protect our environment in order to live in a comfort and healthy environment. Clean environment will give us the lively and vibrant lifestyle.

To examine an individual’s environment consciousness is to recognize how the physical place is significant, and look at the people/place relationship” – Leanne Rilvin (Source: Wikipedia) However, nowadays our environment is polluted. It is all are caused by our own self, the human beings. The pollution occurs everywhere either developed countries or even undeveloped countries. BACKGROUND Humans, in their overzealous attempts to develop the world around them, have set in motion the process of its deterioration.Today, we hear of environment problems such as pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. Pollution issue is a global issue that needs commitment from everyone. Pollution refers to the contamination or poisoning of the environment.

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Unfortunately, environment pollution has become part and parcel of modern-day living. Environmental pollution occurs when impure or harmful substances are released into the environment, either towards the air, water, land and others. This is because rapid industrialization and urbanization have contaminated both air and water.Air and water are the most essential needs of humans. Without them, humans would perish.

Recent surveys have shown that the main sources of pollution in our country are industries, vehicles, oil spills, pesticides and power plants. Factories release harmful gases into atmosphere, thereby polluting the air we breathe. Motor vehicles are a major cause of environmental pollution. Leaving the running engine while we dash into the store to pick up one or two items, or while we lock the gates to our home, are all about bad habits that contribute to air pollution.

PROBLEM STATEMENT Even though Malaysian constitution did not state a statement about the citizen’s right to enjoy the clean, healthy, and safe environment, however, in constitution Article 5, did mention that no one can deny the right of someone to live or enjoy the freedom of his life that is protected under laws. Though we cannot undo the damage that we have already done, we can prevent it from becoming worse. It is our duty to protect and preserve the environment, and thus, earth. Of course, in the first place to start is at home.As the world’s population grows, so does the amount of household waste.

Many things that we throw away , old newspapers, glass, bottles, plastic and metal containers, are not waste and can be recycled. From a research, in Malaysia, each household throws 4. 5kg garbage in a day. Government has to spend more than RM 400million to vanish the garbage while a part of the waste consist of organic waste and old paper that can be recycle. So that , we should therefore, separate our rubbish and make sure that we dispose off only those materials which really cannot be reused and recycled.This way, we will not only reduce the amount of waste material that has to be destroyed, we will help reduce the consumption of raw materials needed in industries manufacturing paper, glass, plastic or metal items.

As consumer, we should take an action to protect and preserve our environment with an effort to buy only environmental friendly goods. We should avoid products that are disposable and those that contain elements which may harm the environment. We also need to reduce the consumption of water because water treatment is expensive and untreated waste water may become a source of pollution.Every little action on our part can go long way to protect the environment. This little effort due to environmental awareness among our society. Environmental awareness plays the dominant role and spine towards bringing a clean, safe and vibrant environment. With high environment consciousness in society, it will help to regenerate our environment to a better future.

Contribution from everyone will save the environment. This should be the things that we concerns most in developing our country for us to live better and healthy.IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY This study contributed to the society about how important environmental awareness is. The finding of this study will help our society to be sensitive to the environmental pollution and take the right action in order to protect and preserve our environment for our next generation.

The result from this study can provide knowledge and guidelines for everyone on how important the environmentally awareness that can contribute in reducing the pollutions in our country.