Environmental Science Essay

Discuss 2 reasons why this is very difficult, especially in the Amazon Tropical Rain Forest. Deforestation is a very bad on the Amazon Tropical Rain Forest because rain forests affect the climate and local weather conditions as well as regulating temperature. Deforestation disrupts the climate for the area. Also, the Amazon Rain Forest is up to 20% of the world’s oxygen supply-deforestation is making an impact on that percentage and taking away valuable oxygen we need to survive. Exercise 4: Looking at the Water and Carbon Cycle (chapters 3 & 10), discuss how forestation impacts these two cycles.

Deforestation causes a lack of trees and animals to provide respiration and natural compost into the earth to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide we need put back into the world. There is a balance of give and take- deforestation is messing up the conversions we need-making the output into the world a little less every time. One less tree and one less animal due to deforestation is less carbon dioxide, oxygen and water we could have because we are taking advantage of our natural resources.

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