Eponine, Behind the Symbolism Essay

Gentri W. & Kimberly P. A4 October 23, 2012 Les Miserables Transmediation Final Project: Eponine We chose to do Eponine for our final project. She was the Thenarider’s oldest daughter. She is hopelessly in love with Marius and he doesn’t take any notice of her. While posing as the Jondrette family, she is the one to go and ask Marius for some money. Later in the book, she shows Marius where Cosette lives and then leads him into the barricades for war, with the thought that if she couldn’t have him, no one could. In the end, she gives her life to save Marius as she declares her love for him.

In our image, we have 5 significant symbols or pictures: a girl’s profile, a broken heart, a letter, a moon, and the rising of a sun. The girls profile is a pretty obvious start. We just wanted a background to have a visual of what she could’ve looked like. The broken heart is for her love for Marius, as well as our quote. She watches him fawn over Cosette, all the while she just wants him to love her. She never admits how she feels until she is on her death bed, and we found that a very touching part of the story. She dies knowing he will never love her.

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The letter is for the letter that Eponine was supposed to give to Marius from Cosette. She never gave it to him and finally, while she laying dying, she gave it to him. The moon is a symbol of death. The sun had set on her life and as the moon rose, her life fell to the shadows. The moon is only visible during the dark night, while death is only in the darkest of our days. Finally, the rising sun. This is a symbol for her redemption and for sacrificing her life for Marius. She gave into the moon and the night, that Marius might rise another morning with the sun, to live in happiness. We also see this as a form of redemption.

She was not born into the best family and she made some wrong choices, but as the moon sets and the sun rises, a new day beings. The pervious day gone forever and only memories left in its wake. We think that Eponine never did anything too drastically wrong, we just think that everyone has something they feel the need to be redeemed for, in the way we see redemption. We see it as someone finally forgiving themselves for something they have done. We think that action for Eponine was bring Marius to war and keeping Cosette’s letter from him. She redeemed herself through sacrifice that he might live in happiness.