Prevent unlawful discrimination Essay

This blog will explain the difference between equality and diversity using text books and explain the ways that British Airways are equal and diverse. The difference between equality and diversity is that diversity is the acceptance that everyone is different, whether it being visibly such as gender and race, or non-visibly such as personality. It is about embracing these differences in the workplace whilst contributing towards organisational goals. (Mullins, 2005) Equality on the other hand is the process of ensuring that all mployees working in the organisation are treated in the same fair way.Furthermore, organisations need to obey legislations set to protect workers and prevent unlawful discrimination.

(Foot, Hook, 2008) British Airways is a British airline which values diversity. ‘In British Airways we are constantly working towards creating an inclusive culture that understands and respects the individual differences of our employees. ‘ They believe having a mix of people from diverse backgrounds leads to new ideas and innovations. British airways value diversity through different ways such as age. Age The Employment Equality Regulation is a regulation on age, this regulation had a great impact on British Airways.British Airways value diversity on age by ‘ensuring consistency in recruitment for both external and internal applicants, ensuring succession planning is age neutral, encouraging age diversity in all areas by challenging assumptions and stereotypes linked to age.

‘ (British Ain. ways, n. d. ) Also offer more flexible hours to allow employees with family to balance both work and family life; this is especially targeted for omen who have children to help them cope with having children but also working at the same time.Disability British Airways are diverse as they not only take care of their disable customers but also of their employees. Working and travelling with BA as a disabled traveller in a wheelchair I get to see at first hand the service offered to additional needs customers and staff, good and bad Richard – British Airways Manager, Credit Cards.

‘ (British Airways, n. d. ) If for any reasons customers did not feel like they were given a high level of service, British Airways will act up on the feedback given to make their future experience better for them and other customers.TO give disabled customers the best possible experience, British airways have trained staffed in disability awareness.

This training is given to anyone who has daily contacts with customers to make their experience and meet their needs the best way as possible. Disability is also taken into consideration when constructions of new terminals are built. Religion and beliefs British Airways takes all employees’ believes seriously which is why at they rovide prayer facilities of the business.British Airways doesn’t stop there; they also publish a monthly religious festivals newsletter on their main site to raise awareness on the different cultures across the business.