Equality Essay

When people think of a perfect society, reasonable equality would probably come to mind. However, can the concept of equality go too far? This was the case, as far as the societies go in The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and Harrison Bergeron.

These societies have gone too far to reach total equality. Each over-exaggerates the concept, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas offers a more enticing community, and the overall image of a complete utopia is somewhat unreachable. Both societies in the stories over-exaggerate the concept of having total equality, especially Harrison Bergeron.The fact that the government has to step in and virtually reprogram every human being seems a bit ridiculous, especially as far as trying to simplify equality.

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While it seemed like an idea that would sensibly work, it is a completely flawed system. People that were born naturally smart would become intellectually disabled, and those that were born not as smart became more advanced to the point where every human was the same. The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas did not go into as much dialogue as Harrison Bergeron did, but the concept of total equality was more present.The people seemed to be a bit more sane, as compared to others being mindlessly brainwashed. The world seemed to be in a bit more harmony, too, not going into great detail about the current position of the world as a result of equality. Although both communities in the stories have unusual societies, the community from The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas is more enticing.

In the Harrison Bergeron society, everyone is being physically and mentally affected by the government, that planted handicapping devices on them. They could be given headaches, blurred vision, or impaired judgement.In The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, the only thing wrong with their society is that there is one little boy that is required to be sheltered away from everyone else, only getting food and water once a day and having no luxuries whatsoever. While this may affect emotions, it is not directly affecting the body and minds of the people that live in Omelas. No one is being brainwashed or controlled by anything, as compared to the people in Harrison Bergeron. While both stories try to create one, the overall image of a utopia is somewhat unreachable.No matter what happens in the world, nothing will ever be completely perfect, as seen in our world today.

People are being affected daily by non-controllable factors such as disease and catastrophes. Natural human behaviors are uncontrollable, too. In today’s society, while many people choose to do the right thing in their daily lives, there will always be the individuals that choose to do wrong, for example, the Batman shooting in Colorado.

Additionally, in Harrison Bergeron, if the government needs to change people’s behaviors, then that certainly would not be a perfect society.Even if everyone is supposedly “equal”, the fact that people are being changed for who they naturally are really takes away from the entirety of the idea of a perfect society. All in all, the societies in The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and Harrison Bergeron have gone too far to reach total equality. The concept of equality is over-exaggerated in each society. The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas overall has a more enticing community. Additionally, the thought of having a perfect society is unreasonable and unrealistic.

As humans in life, it is what makes us different that makes us the same, which should be equality enough.