Eric a British civil servant. He spent

Eric Arthur Blair was the son of a British civil
servant. He spent his first days in India, where his father was stationed. His
mother brought him and his older sister, Marjorie, to England when he was about
a year old. He didn’t really know his father until he retired from the service
in 1912, but the pair never formed a strong bond.


According to one biography, Blair’s first word was
“beastly.” Although a sick child, he began to write at a young age and aspired
to be a writer. He was sent to boarding school, where he noticed that the
school treated the richer students better than the poorer ones. Even though he
wasn’t known to be popular, he won scholarships to Welling College and Eton

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After his schooling, he joined the India Imperial
Police Force. He spent five years in Burma, and then resigned his post and
returned to England. Although he intended to become a writer, he struggled to
get his career off the ground. His first book revealed brutal truths about the
lives of the working poor. Not wishing to embarrass his family, he published
under the pseudonym George Orwell.


Despite several sicknesses, Orwell took on various
writing assignments to support himself. Orwell got a job with BBC as a
producer. He loathed the “useless” work and resigned after two years. Orwell
married Eileen O’Shaughnessy, and adopted a son, Richard Horatio Blair. He was
raised by Orwell’s younger sister, Avril, after Eileen’s death.


Shortly before his death, he proposed to Sonia
Brownell, who inherited Orwell’s estate. She made a career out of managing his


Interestingly enough, Orwell experienced the
surveillance he wrote about. The Soviet Union had an undercover agent spying on
Orwell, and the police in his own country paid attention when Orwell visited
coal miners in 1936 while gathering information for The Road to Wigan Pier