Esmeralda’s Research Papers Essay

Mr. Flores if you could change my grade for a better one,I promise that I’ll try my best to get good grades in your assigments and I’ll try to get them on time but please could you just change my grade cause I really like this class and I really want to pass it. I know I’m not the only one who has bad grades and you can’t do anything about it but you gave me this chance to write you this paper so that I can show you that I am capable of doing things in my own house even tough I’m not in school. So Mr. Flores could you just please change my grade for a good one I just want to pass it and have a good year in my first time in C. C. Winn High School as a Freshman.

I’ll promise you that I will have your assigment’s that you assigned me in time and I’ll also try my best to get good grades on them but I will also like if you could change me the grade for a better one it doesn’t have to be a 90 or 100 I just want it to be at least a 70 or a 75 so I can pass this class. I know it’s not that easy to do this but i’m trying my best to have good grades and pass all my classes but it’s not easy cause i’m not in school so yeah i get you.

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But could you do this and with whatever you give me i’ll do it cause I am trying and that is what count’s. I Thought this class was gonna be easy but now I know that it’s not that easy cause i’m not in school. And I also know that this class is gonna prepare us to be better and to get better at computer’s and all that stuff. CTE is pretty hard if your not in school doing your work but even tough I’m not there it doesn’t mean I’m not capable of doing all your work and having good grades.

So with whatever decision you pick of giving me a grade change or not I’ll still have to do your work and like I said i’ll try my best at getting good grades. And if you don’t want to change my grade it’s okay cause I will still know that at least you tried to give me chance with writing you this paper or document. Mr. Flores I know that I’m Home-Bound but it wasn’t my decision to get sick, it just happened and I know that I missed a lot of work and well in all my classes I missed like a lot of work but now I’m trying to get better and do all my work that every teacher is assigning me.

If I get better and if I could return to school I will promise you that I’m going to get back on track with all my classmates and hope that i’ll do good but right now i’m still sick so i’m in my house trying to do every single assigment I have from every teacher and I’m just trying really hard to pass all my classes so please could you change my grade. Thanks for giving me this chance to prove to you that I am capable of doing work in my own house so I hope you could change my grade but if you don’t want to and you want to wait until I do better in your class well I’m okay with it. Thanks Mr. Flores and I hope I did good.