First believe that his unprateful Naib, Malik

First of all, Malik Kafur endeavoured to separate the Sultan from his kith and kin. He poisoned the ears of the weak and dying Sultan that his wife, eldest son Khizr Khan and brother-in-law Alp Khan were conspiriog against his life.

As a result, Alauddin ordered the imprisonment of his two sons, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan in the fort of Gwalior. Alp Khan and one of his younger brothers, Nizamuddin, were beheaded and Malika-i-Jahan was made captive in the old fort of Delhi. It created havoc among the nobles and they left the Sultan all alone.

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The soldiers of Alp Khan revolted in Gujarat and the Rajputs of Chittor turned out the royal forces. Har Pal, the successor of Singhana Deva, also revolted against the Muslim ruler and declared his independence. The laws of Alauddin began to be discarded and his system collapsed altogether.

Alauddin Khalji was almost mad in anger at knowing all this. He began to bite his own flesh out of fury. His grief and anger aggravated his sickness and he breathed his last on 1 January 1316. a.d. Historians believe that his unprateful Naib, Malik Kafur, bad poisoned him after capturing all the powers.