Example Hipchicks Cover Essay

This is a very simple, too simple, example of an essay. Your job is to use this as a guide only – you are not to copy it but model your essay on its structure. The key to a good essay is detail. Each of these paragraphs only gives one example of analysis. You need more. Much more. Select one of these covers and explain HOW effective it is in representing the cultural context and values of the text and the period in which it is set. The most common cover of When the Hipchicks went to War, by Pamela Rushby, represents the cultural context and values of the text.

This cover represents the geographical context of Vietnam, the innocence of the main characters (personal context), the freedom Of the late 1960’s (social context) and the Vietnam War period (Historical context). The composer uses a range of visual literacy techniques to represent these contexts and values. When the Hipchicks went to War tells the story of a group of young Australian girls who went to the Vietnam War as entertainers for the troops. The story ells of their experiences and their tragedies.

The first aspect represented on the cover is the geographical context of the country in which most of the novel is set, Vietnam. This is demonstrated through the use of colour. The cover is saturated in a dark shade of green. This represents the colour of the jungles in Vietnam. The jungles are where the fighting occurred. By using the saturation of the colour green, the composer is representing the place where the novel is mainly set. The second aspect represented on the cover is the personal context of the ain characters, the Hipchicks, and the value of their innocence.

This is demonstrated by the go go boots. The boots are placed in the centre of the image and are coloured white. The colour white stereotypically represents innocence and is contrasted against the green. This suggests that the girls who wear the boots are in a place where they don’t belong. Therefore, by using white for the go go boots, the composer represents the girl’s innocence. The third aspect of the cover is the historical context. This is represented by he tiger stripe camouflage on the mini skirt that is placed at the top of the cover.

The tiger stripe was a pattern that was made specifically for US troops in Vietnam as it provided better camouflage in the jungles, as opposed to the fatigues worn in World War Two. By including the tiger stripe pattern on the cover the composer is clearly representing the time of the Vietnam War. Therefore, the main cover of the text When the Hipchicks went to War, clearly suggests the geography of Vietnam, the War in Vietnam and the innocence of he main characters. Intro has three sentences: 1.

Repeat the question. 2. State your topics of each paragraph. 3. Indicate, in general, the language techniques. A short paragraph giving a brief overview. Note how succinct it is! Body paragraph. First sentence is the topic sentence. Then clearly pointing out the technique. Then a quote or, in this case, a description. Then an explanation of why this technique tells us of the geographical context. Second body paragraph with the pattern repeated. Note that I the topic order is as outlined in the intro?