In Many countries have become slave of America.

In order to know what inspires American civilization, culture and customs, one should initially comprehend what America is? Well, here is the answer. America is a kingdom that embraces greatly large part of the world in a stretched hold of slavery. Slavery is not new to this world.

Many countries have become slave of America. The overall transactions in this world need intervention of America in order to proceed. Many people must labor for the few is a formula generated by American slavery system.

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Along with slavery system, this county is different in case of dressing habits and food. American people love to wear stylish dresses. Most of the Americans wear branded dresses. Especially suit and tie is a formal wear code among the gents and ladies prefer to wear silky, white, and long dresses or gowns. In case of food, one can say that America is quite cautious.

Americans take good care of health and food habits. Therefore eating healthy food is common thought in America. Americans prefer to drink wine or beer while eating. This county is surrounded by large sea and therefore they often feel cold during the day time. Beer can maintain their inner body hot.

Society, culture or civilization has shaped roughly each pace of living, whether it is Second World War or the World Trade Center possessions being smashed. Americans have faced a huge terror threat from many other communities in this world. This is the entire division of a culture that makes Americans who they are as well as desire to turn into.

Many terrorists attack tried to destroy the culture of this country, but people of this country and government of this country have shown them a dark period. They proved that it is impossible to destroy American culture as American people are very much stronger from inside and can start there their usual day schedules immediately even after everything is disturbed.

American culture always tries to inspire other countries. Their mental power and economical growth is the base. American culture plays an imminent role in the history of this world. A smaller change in the schedule of this country can make a huge difference in the schedule of entire world. This is the power of America and this is what proves the shining culture of this country.