Once you beat your child for any

Once you beat your child for any reason, the only thing that develops in your child is fear. If your child is afraid of you then you there are many things which your child would try to hide from you out of fear. Your child can become afraid of speaking truth. They will start lying for every single thing. This may lead to your child becoming a dishonest person for life. For the same it is advised to avoid violence not only with your child but also with others.

No one knows how to handle and treat your child better than you yourself.

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If you wish to see your children live and grow in full wisdom, then try to be friendly with them. At certain point of time it becomes necessary for every parent to create a bond of friendship with their child. This can make the relation of parent-child sweeter.

In this friendly relation they will tell you even a bitter truth without any hesitation. The only aim should be make your child a responsible, self-sufficient and polite person which you can do by showing him/her the right conduct.

Domestic violation can have an impact on child’s delicate mind. It can give a wrong message to his/her brain. You should always choose discussions instead of violence. If you do so, soon you will see changes in the behavior of your child. He will learn that a family is meant to be happy and healthy in all ways. He will learn to bond with everyone and develop healthy social and interpersonal relationships.

Don’t ever forget that child is also a part of your dream family. Now it depends on you whether to spoil relations with violence or to protect your child’s mind by showing the correct behavior and politeness to him.