Prompt Essay

I wasn’t able to speak English at all.

Was an A student the freshmen and sophomore year and I also had perfect attendance for both years. And then made some mistakes in my life. I didn’t know anyone in my resumes year at school or outside of school, my life was boring. All I did was study or stay home and play video games for the first year.In my sophomore year in December wanted to go back to India because I missed my friends and my family, so went to India for 2 months, which affected my grades and dropped all my grades from As to Ad’s and AS, when I came back after 2 months(l didn’t want to come back here) and then I decided to have some fun in my life by making some friends and going out which wasn’t a good idea and that affected my attendance and then I thought school was boring I darted skipping which was very ludicrous and affected my grades.

I don’t want to say that I made mistake by making friends and had fun because always studying and staying at home which could have resulted me in depression or some other effect on my livings. At that point I wanted to forgo the memories that I had in India with my friends and family, by making friends and going out was the only way to keep my mind away from all the memories back in India. As I already said came from India and we didn’t know anyone here, but we had to find a job to get food, to pay rents and school supplies which was the hardest part of my life.As I also said that went to India in my sophomore year and then now it was my parents turn to visit India after 1 and half year. So, and my sister had work to pay off the bills and rent. So at that time I was used to come to school and go to work right after school.

Sometimes I wasn’t able to come to school because I got tired from work some times that also affected my grades. But I was used to get work credit which counted as my electives and that helped me because now in my senior year I only have 3 classes per semester.