Ethical And Socially Responsive Business Essay

The company can engage in socially responsive activities by avian fundraisers, being involved in community events, and taking customer feedback. I believe all of the areas of the code of conduct for the Cheesecake Factory are important, but there are a few that think are of significant importance. The first area consider important is solicitation. This area covers how workers should not solicit goods or services to fellow workers or customers. Solicitation is an important area because someone soliciting can drive away customers.

For example if I am a customer and an employee is trying to sell me girl scout cookies I may take my business elsewhere because I may want ace when I shop. It can also cause damage to the company. For example if someone started giving other pamphlets about starting a union, that one employee could cause disruption within a whole store. The next area I consider important is conflict of interest. One reason conflict of interest is important is because violating conflict of interest can spill company secrets.

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For example if you are employed with a competitor company it is a conflict of interest and even worse you could know policies and procedures of both companies. The last section I consider important is the internet policy. This is important because sometimes workers can talked about disclosed company business on social media. Also posting things about other co-workers can lead to conflict between workers. Posting about work related stuff should be avoided. It is great to have policies and a code of conduct in place but I think the follow through is most important.

One way think the company can get employees to follow its code of conduct is having a class to go over the code of conduct. Always believed people learned better hearing something or being taught, rather than just being handed a sheet of paper. According to Will at Work Learning (2006) “People remember 50% of what they learn from seeing and hearing”. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. Sometimes when you actually have to sit and be presented something you are forced to pay more attention.

The next way I think the company can get employees to follow its code of conduct is implementing a three-strike system. According to All Business (2010) “Most employers give employees a three strike system”. First you make the employee aware of the issue, second you write them up, and the last resort is termination. The last way is making the code of conduct accessible to employees. If they can access it there are no excuses. If I am an employee and I have a question on whether or not something is permitted I can just check the code of conduct if have doubt.

The company can engage in socially responsive activities In many ways. One way is to have fundraisers. Having a fundraiser for a local charity or philanthropy builds a trust within the people in the community and it also shows that you care. Another way is being involved in community events. It could be something like donating or catering for an event in the community or participating in local stuff. The last way is getting customer feedback. For example get feedback on what particular food customers may want to see or improvements.