Ethical Issues in the Workplace Essay

Ethical Issues in the Workplace The company that I am going to discuss is not a fiction based company but it is not my place of employment. I would have loved to discuss the company I am employed with but I do not see or hear of any ethics violations. Chick Fila is a known nationally known fast food restaurant. As we all know when a company grows and management changes some changes happens that tends to be what we consider ethical issues. This particular Chick Fila that I am going to discuss a relative of mine is currently employed there.

He often complains to me about some issues that goes on there. Initially when he started complaining I thought he was just being another young man that is never satisfied with his work life. As time passed I began to realize they were legitimate complaints. Some of the issued he has are strict dress code, unfair treatment between employees and managers and lastly perceived racism. The dress code complaints are more based on management being a bit tedious. In a company like Chick Fila why does it matter what color socks you wear or if you decide to wear a undershirt under your work shirt?

I understand that a company needs uniformity to keep up appearances but I cannot understand why that would matter in a fast food restaurant. Unfair treatment; at no time should an employee become belligerent or disrespectful to a supervisor. If you have been employed there for a while it seems as if you are untouchable when being asked to perform specific tasks. There have been cases where employees have gotten loud and disrespectful to the management staff. When asked to clock out they simply call the General Manager and is allowed to remain on the clock.

This causes strife between employees as well as the management staff. It seems as if the Mexicans always a placed on the kitchen staff; in some ways it seems a bit racist. When hired they are immediately placed in the kitchen. With the issues being noted there are some ways that I will consider changing them. As previously stated I understand that there are dress codes that should be in place. If it was up to me to change the dress code I would take the wearing of undershirts and sock color out of the dress code. On certain days different materials can make the skin feel irritated.

While working in a fast food restaurant the fewer irritants the better. The dress codes issues that I feel should be focused on is make up, hair, shaving and how you wear your uniform I. E how tight or loosely your uniform should be worn. Those are issues that the management staff should focus on. In no business should a disrespectful employee be tolerated. If all the managers teamed up and decided to have a managers meeting with the General Manager that may do some good. Another suggestion that I have is contacting higher headquarters.

No one likes to air their dirty laundry or be considered a whistle blower but in this case I feel that it is needed. If the General Manager is over riding what the Assistant Managers says the best key is to call his manager. At times we all need a reality check reminding your boss that he has a boss can provide that. Racial issues can lead to a world of trouble. If an employee feels that there is some form of favoritism or discrimination because of race it can lead up to huge lawsuits. To change this issue the simple fix is whenever a new crew member is hired train them on both the kitchen and the front counter.

After a few weeks of being trained on both duties pick which one is their strength and assign it as their primary duty. With that being said it still will be best if from time to time duties are rotated. The reason to rotate duties is to maintain the skills that you were trained. We all hear off issues and problems and problems and says what we think should happen to fix them. A lot of things are easier said than done when we are on the outside looking in. I wish there was a place that we could consider perfect. Since that place does not exist the only thing we can do is make our current surrounding as peaceful as possible.