Ethical Lens Inventory Paper Essay

Ethical Lens Inventory Reflective Statement Seth Kilgore GEN/200 Foundations for General Education and Educational Success October 9, 2012 Mrs. Latashia Bates The ethical lens that describes me is the Relationship lens, due to my tendency to use reasoning and trying to maintain fairness and respect for everyone that I deal with on a daily basis from classmates, to family or friends. I have a tendency to be overconfident in the ethical process; all individuals should be allowed the same rights and responsibilities when it comes to the ethical process.

No one should be allowed to be able to manipulate the situation to better the outcome for them or anyone involved. I believe as big strength of mine is the ability to maintain calmness and a clear mind when it comes to people affecting me or my family in a negative way, and in turn it allows me to make a rational and ethical decision to hopefully better the outcome of the circumstances. As for a weakness I tend to be too trusting and allow for people to take advantage of me, in turn that makes the outcome of some situations unfair and unethical.My values are strong southern values, I like to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and treated with respect. Everyone deserves a fair chance to represent their own thoughts and course of action prior to any thing happening. No one in this world is perfect so all persons make mistakes and we learn from the mistakes that we as people make and the mistakes of others, bettering ourselves to make better choices later in life from the personal and ethical standpoint.

Being able to be a strong minded yet companionate person allows me to voice my opinions and be respectful to other people’s feelings and needs but at the same I am able to get my point across and come up with a rational and productive decision. In determining a course of action I find in important to think slowing and rationally to allow for a smooth and ethical way of allowing the situation to unfold. I believe in valuing other people’s opinions and using their knowledge and life choices for a catalyst for being a good person and not making individuals around you upset or uncomfortable.