Ethics and Legal Environment Essay

Family Business Ethics and Legal Environment LS312 By Tammy Miller August 31, 2012 In the case of the Family Business, the stakeholders would be the owner, employees and customers. The interest in the stakeholders is to make sure that the jobs are successfully completed and that the work is done correctly. Also the interest in the company is that employees are making ethical decisions for the company without mistakes so they can make money as well and report any wrong doing.

On the legal side of things they should not be favoring one employee over the others because you are not being equal or fair to the other employees to make additional money. The other issue is that Eddie threatens to fire Jane because she finds out that Eddie is giving Greg all the higher end tickets that make better commissions than any other. The higher end commissioned tickets should be distributed equally so that everyone gets a chance to make extra money and not be singled out.

You should not ever threaten an employee to fire them by telling the truth that is unethical and bad business. There is employment laws on wrongful termination and harassment. I believe in this case that if Eddie fired her than it would be wrongful termination because she was doing her job and doing it well. Just because she tells Brad that Eddie is favoring one over the other is not grounds for termination. Also I believe that she is being harassed about her job that would be terminated if she told.

This is a from of harassment because Eddie would probably continue to mention not to say anything or she could loss her job. The other employment law that Eddie is doing is discrimination. He is discriminating other employees to make extra commissions. Also it may make the company look bad if the same person does those jobs and then leaves that position you need to have equal opportunity for all to make the same amount of extra commissions as everyone else. I believe she should say something o the owner of the business because if this was to come about any other way other from the Human Resource person it would be hard to trust him or her anymore because they are not saying what really is going on. I think then I would investigate Human Resources because you never know what other unethical decisions are being made.

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