Ethics Game Essay

Game Dilemmas University of Phoenix: ETH/316 October 22, 2012 Ryan BuschEthicsGame Dilemmas The EthicsGame is a simulation program used by students of different colleges and universities to learn how to make ethical decisions using real-world scenarios. This simulation will review two ethical dilemmas, “The Mysterious Blogger” and “The Veiled ID” which are discussed in relation to the four ethical lenses and the Baird decision making process. This essay will further explain the simulation of EthicsGame Dilemmas. The Mysterious BloggerThe ethical issues presented in the EthicsGame scenario “The Mysterious Blogger” is one that surrounds whether information obtained illegally by one associate should be used to discipline another associate for violating the company’s non-disclosure agreement (The EthicsGame, p. 4). The ethical issue is that Aaron Webb was violating the company’s non-disclosure agreement by posting sensitive information on the Internet via an anonymous blog.

However, this information was uncovered when Jamal Moore hacked into Aaron Webb’s home computer and discovered the issue.The first issue is illegal activity and the second is a violation of the non-disclosure agreement. The ethical perspectives, or lenses, that are used to make the decisions in the simulation are the Rights/Responsibilities Lens which depends on an ethical actions, “doing one’s duty and following ethical standards of action” (The Ethical Lenses, 2012). These ethical lens of Rights/Responsibilities influence decisions by guiding decisions to be made based on which best fulfills the requirements to fulfill .

Concepts from this simulation might also relate to a workplace environment should there be a situation where information gathered unethically is used to discipline another. Or perhaps when making decisions the most responsibly is important. Results Lens: What option will make the most stakeholders the happiest? Relationship Lens: What process guarantees basic r The Veiled ID The ethical issues presented in the EthicsGame scenario “The Veiled ID” include an associate who, for religious purposes, is unable to reveal her face for a photo key card used as a security measure for all employees.Ethically, the associate is expressing her freedom of religion by covering her face with a scarf. The company though, is implementing a photo badge after recently being victim of theft from a previous employee.

The ethical perspectives, or lenses, that are used to make the decisions in the simulation are the relationship lens and the reputation lens. The relationship lens creates decisions that will survive in “integrity-building environments” and also what “guarantees basic rights” (Baird 2012). The reputation lens asks what virtues allow one to excel (The Ethical Lenses, 2012).Ethical Decision Making The decision-making steps used to ethically address these issues are in accordance to the Baird Method which is a process of five steps. The first is to be attentive and take the appropriate time needed to understand the situation and digest the information provided and define what the problem is. The second step is to be intelligent and identify who the stakeholders are.

Thirdly, be reasonable. At this stage, one would apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to address the issue (Baird, 2012).In the Ethics Game, each scenario involved two of the four ethical perspectives or lenses that affected decision making. These guided the student to make ethical decisions within each lens. The fourth step is to be responsible. In the scenarios, a decision was made to resolve the issue ethically within the lens. Lastly, be reflective and evaluate the decision and address the risk of the decision. References Ethics Game The Ethical Lenses http://www.

ethicsgame. com/Exec/CorpGame/EthicalLenses. aspx