Ethnographic Comparison: The US and Hungary Essay

Ethnographic Comparison: Of the US and HungaryEthnography is a powerful research method because of its ability to bring forth the thick description of a civilization ( Clifford Geertz ) descriptive anthropology efficaciously explicates how cultural worlds are both representationally constructed and materially lived. From the beginning of the early ages, civilisation has ever evolved with the passing of clip. As the early civilisation disintegrated from a individual community they diverted to different parts and formed communities which subsequently grew to states.

With this growing came the different cultural and ethnographic subjects. Most of which was portion influenced by the part of their location and the environment. Today’s civilisation is filled with the demand to vie as had been in the medieval ages, be it in economic power of warfare, largely politically. This is one cosmopolitan civilization similar to all states nevertheless, power ( political, economic and leading ) . Competition took assorted signifiers during the ages, from the bloody attempts to kill game for nutrient to the violent conflicts for control and to todays, college football. The catholicity of the present twenty-four hours civilization or descriptive anthropology is over 30 % evolved in the last 20 old ages In comparing to the 2000 old ages before. The human ecology of our present civilization is founded based on the prehistoric happenings, the narratives both written and unwritten.

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In this paper I will be indicating out positions that are peculiarly to the American and Hungarian descriptive anthropology which are two civilizations I have experiences though non peculiarly my civilization. Why did I take these two civilizations? The United States and Hungary are really different states, non merely by their geographical location or the size of district, but because of the unfastened and broad nature of the United States and the reverse closed nature of Hungary.The United States which therefore Forth will be referred to as America is made up of an tremendous diverseness of people though they are bound together by one and the same authorities. Harmonizing to the European states, because the Americans do non portion a common historical tradition or have the same usage, the Europeans slope to the fact that America is non a state. Despite their resistance of the Europeans to the nationality of America, Americans portion a common authorities, construction and set of Torahs, and a alone economic system. America may non be a state as defined by the Europeans, but it is good endowed with all the necessities for a state.The American civilization is influenced in the most portion by western states, the autochthonal or instead ; Native Americans, African, Asian, Polynesian, Latin American civilizations. The American civilization was born some 100s of old ages ago if non 1000s.

America has its ain alone societal construction and characteristic that makes its civilization. It is ethnically, racially and widely diverse as a consequence of the big scale in-migration of people from different ethnicities around the universe.Chief influences to the American civilization came from the English, Irish and Scottish, this merger of civilizations is the chief ground for America being referred to as the “melting pot” .On the other Hand the Magyar civilization rose from a little unit of Equus caballus riders from the mobile Euro-Asian pastoral part. As all European states, Hungary would be considered a state because of its alone cultural anchor as considered by the Europeans. Hungary is a landlocked cardinal European state, sharing lodgers with Austria, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine and all the other cardinal European states.

It has a simple, more or less alone ethnicity, with approximately 90 % Hungarians, 4 % Roma, 2.6 % Germans, Serbians 2 % and the remainder shared between Romania and Slovakia. With a distinguishable linguistic communication, they mark a big difference with adjacent states and distantly related to Finnish and Estonia. Hungarian will see themselves cardinal European instead than eastern as it should be. Hungary was chiefly a rural agricultural society with mostly populated small towns environing the church.Magyar civilization is precisely one and the same to all Hungarians ; they are adhesive to hierarchal organisational construction, likely because of their historical monarchical and communist influence. It is an duty for every Magyar to be educated ; every kid between the ages of 5 and 16 must be in an academic environment of some kind. 81 % of people aged between 25 and 64 possess an equivalent of a high school grade.

Magyars are secluded within a-don’t ask don’t say paradox with topics affecting faith, political relations, minorities, wages and populating cost considered delicate. It would be considered violative to inquire person “how much is your monthly wage? Or what political party are you in support of? ”On like the privy Magyar civilization, the American life style is a direct antonym. Americans are free to show their political and spiritual positions in a mode in which they so delight where of all time they feel as to. And Americans do non hold any reserve to the manner they approach each other. Although Hungary is largely made up of one people with the same heritage, they besides like America face a job of societal stratification.

Communist party leaders, secretaries and members lived better unrecorded with more entree to goods than the remainder of the population with an income spread between the rich and the hapless of about 38 per centum.The same manner civilizations from around the universe played a great portion in act uponing the American life manner, so is the American civilization act uponing the universe today. As an urban-suburban state, each metropolis in the United States tells its ain historical and economic narrative with each one noteworthy with a peculiar regional function.When it comes to leisure, the Americans prevail over Hungary. The fact that they are a transnational state boosts the American originative procedure while the Hungarians are reasonably much left with one signifier of ground handed to them from pre historical and historical times.

American music for illustration is a perfect illustration of the globalisation of civilization.Hungary has one of the simplest, basic and most efficient conveyance systems in the universe. Depending extremely on public conveyance, they have a web of about 7600Km of railroad and 1515 Km of main roads available for travel within the state. The United States on the other manus has more transport substructures chiefly because Americans depend largely on private transit.It can’t be questionable that despite the difference in both countries’ civilizations, there is an undeniable similarity. Though one was founded by a fusion of people from assorted states and the other evolved from a mobile patterned advance, they have the same challenges as a state. Funny as it may look, today, Hungarians are Americans and Americans are Hungarians due to the transnational matrimonies that break both the racial and national barriers.MentionHubert Knoblauch focused on ethnography” vol.

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