Eustress Is Your Friend Essay

Eustress is your Friend Not all stress is bad. There are positive effects of stress and it has its own unique characteristics. When it comes to feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, pain or anger then these are linked to negative stress and this is what many people associate stress with. However, the positive effects of stress are something that can help motivate individuals to accomplish something good.

Positive stress helps an individual to make any necessary changes in their lives. So therefore, in my own personal opinion, stress is not such a bad thing. According to thefreedictionary. om, eustress by definition is a positive form of stress. Eustress is a balance between selfishness and altruism through which an individual develops the drive and energy to care for others. This refers to the constructive stress that helps keep you motivated and driven in all aspects of your life.

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For example, positive stress gives us a feeling of excitement when presented with a demanding situation in an area in which we are comfortable like runners on the track, taking a ride on the roller coaster, taking up a challenging project at workplace. Positive stress may fill you with energy to tackle the demands of your task.Positive stress helps to keep us healthy and fills us with contentment. Eustress also reminds us that we can view many of the stressors in our lives as ‘challenges’ rather than ‘threats’, and have extra vital energy to handle these stressors, without a feeling of being overwhelmed or unhappy. There are many positive effects of stress including the ability to realize when things are wrong and need to be fixed. Positive stress also helps our body tell us when we need to do things such as put a sweater on when it is too cold, scratch an itch, move to a new location when necessary and other needs of everyday life.Positive stress is also an excellent way of initiating the invention and problem solving process by providing more creative solutions.

As a result positive stress has been linked to many scientific discoveries, technological advances and creative designs. Positive stress can also help us to know when we need medical care by altering us to when we are experiencing discomfort or other medical concerns. There are many examples of positive stressors. College students face a major stressor at the end of semesters. For instance, Megan is a freshman in a local community college.

She is the first in her family to attend school at this level. Her schedule is overwhelming but it is to be expected in order to obtain an associate’s degree. The semester is quickly closing in and Megan is having difficulties with her math class. She is already maintaining a C average and in order to pass, she must make an A on her final.

Megan knows that she is feeling stress about this final but realizes that she needs to buckle down and concentrate. Approaching exams enhance a student’s concentration and learning capability. Therefore, this stress she is feeling is considered a ‘eustress. If Megan is able to obtain an A on this final, she will pass the class. But in passing the class, Megan will also be able to advance into the next math needed to obtain her degree. In the end, the stressors that Megan is dealing with will have positive effects on her life and future. Stay-at-home moms may seem to have an easy job, but in reality, it’s a wonderful job that includes quite a bit of stress.

Many people may think that the life of a stay-at-home mom is all Everyone has their own personal opinion in regards to this statement, ‘Stress is always bad. I feel that stress always begins as positive stress. You just have to be willing to give your best and try to step up to the challenge.

Almost all of the life’s important moments are experienced under positive stress. Your positive stress can turn to negative, but you must be willing to accept responsibility for the role you play in creating or maintaining that stress. So in my own personal opinion, I would have to disagree. Stress is only considered bad if you handle and cope with it badly. In the end, stress isn’t always bad.