Euthanasia: the Use and Abuse Essay

Euthanasia? People will use this, but will people abuse it? [pic] At 52, Chantal Sebire had an untreatable facial tumour that affected her to look like this. Until now, no one could figure out how she died on March 19, 2008. For many years, euthanasia has been a topic to bring up. Should euthanasia be allowed? What if the use of euthanasia makes the mortality rate higher? What if criminals start to use euthanasia as an excuse for killing? After years of heated debates and discussions, a solution was found though a law case.It was the famous Robert Latimer case. In 1993, Robert killed Tracy, his twelve-year-old daughter by leaving her in the trunk of a cab, for her to inhale carbon monoxide. Before this tragic incident, Tracy already suffered from cerebral palsy.

This is a disease that affects the development of movement and speech as they age. At a young age, Tracy was incapable of taking care of herself. At the age of twelve, Tracy could only function as three-month-old. Robert, believing that Tracy was suffering; decided to kill her out of compassion.Of course, since euthanasia wasn’t legalized at the time, the crown attorney sentenced Robert Latimer for second-degree murder and could not go for parole for ten years.

[pic] Robert Latimer with his daughter Tracy. After, Robert Latimer, other cases such as the Chantal Sebire case, has been seen to support euthanasia. Since then, Canadians felt divided. Realizing this, the media made talkback sessions.

This is a place to discuss opinions for viewers to express themselves. Polls were also created.Statistics state, that after the Latimer case, 71 percent of Canadians disagreed about Latimer sentence. They believe that the sentence should be reduced. Also, 29 percent said that Latimer deserved the sentence. Some were cruel enough so say that he was a “murderer that could be locked up.

” Overall, 2 percent had no opinion. On the other side, some people believe that euthanasia can cause harm. Why? This is because some seniors believe that making euthanasia legal, it will compromise their rights.They believe that human beings cannot decide whether or not to live.

They also believe that the law should protect people who cannot agree to euthanasia. After many decisions, euthanasia raises several points. Should people be allowed to face death without dignity? Should doctors and families have the right to decide death for the patient? Should the courts decide whether or not a human being will live or die? And finally, should the law change for euthanasia?