Evaluation of a Restaurant Essay

Sunday morning started with a delicious treat. I decided to stop by the local Denny’s after dropping off my wife at work. The children and I were hungry and I did not feel like making breakfast. The restaurant turned out to be a great choice as it was not only clean and friendly, but the food was also delicious. Upon walking into the restaurant I noticed a very large aquarium in the waiting area. At first glance it was an amazing site. The vibrant colors of the two large yellow and blue fish seemed to pop out at you as they swam across the glass aquarium.

The plecostomus fish was so large that at first glance it appeared to be a cat fish. The kids immediately ran to the glass and began tapping on it to make the fish react. As I got close to the aquarium to pull the kids off, I realized how dirty the water actually was. I also noticed some smears from other children’s hands and what appeared to be a crusty substance around the trim. The dirty appearance of the glass immediately made me a little worried about the cleanliness of the establishment. Luckily, the worries were set aside once we actually sat at the table.

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The table itself was very clean without so much as the streaks of the wipe down that most likely happened recently. Unraveling the napkin, which was wrapped around the silverware, revealed a shiny fork, knife, and spoon with no water spots to be found. The cleanliness of the restaurant was surpassed only by the customer service. Nancy greeted us in the waiting area after just a couple of minutes of standing next to the aquarium. The cheery little red head turned the corner and seemed to be in such a great mood that you could.

She was very pleasant and cordial. She befriended my daughter by telling her how beautiful her dress was and instantly making her day. Our server Zack was also very friendly and respectful. I was really impressed that he looked both kids in the eye and asked them what they wanted instead of asking me as if they weren’t there. The order was delivered correctly and in a very timely manner, the coffee cup was bottomless, and the food was delicious. I ordered the eggs over easy, hash browns, and sausage.

The eggs were just perfect. They weren’t runny or over cooked. The hash browns had a golden crisp on the top and moist potato underneath. They had a slight hint of butter which was absolutely delicious. The sausage links were juicy with a warm soft center. I could not have asked for a better breakfast experience. This Denny’s turned out to be a great choice as it was not only clean and friendly, but the food was also delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good meal and a good experience.


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