Evaluation Of A Training Essay

The training was offered by the manufacturer however the attendance was poor and people chose not to attend and in turn have been assistant, afraid or indifferent about trying to learn more about to new equipment and are choosing to stay with what they already know and use the old equipment. The training was offered again with free coffee and donuts to encourage staff to attend and learn about the new equipment and software however the turnout was only marginally better and the staff was still uneasy about the new equipment and had no real solid training on how to use it.

The first approach that was handled incorrectly was the optional training. Since this was new equipment and software and important in the staffs daily work environment. The training should not have been optional but rather mandatory. Pam and Wee let the staff off easy in having to attend a training session and in turn have to deal with a staff with a lack of knowledge and frustration which could have been resolved if training was mandatory. The second approach that was not effective was to bribe employees into attending a training session by offering coffee and donuts.

It is always nice to offer breakfast or some food to attend but for the severity of the training there should have been more focus on how the training would be done rather than how to encourage employees to attend a session. If an employee has no interest in the training then they will only go for the coffee and donuts and try to get out of the class as quickly as possible. Pam and Wee need to enhance the benefits of the training and how much learning about the new software is a asset.

Once employees have enrolled in the class then you can bring in coffee and donuts to keep up morale. The final training session was a laptop hooked up to a projector and then provided a Walworth of different screen shots of the equipment. This format of training was also ineffective because the employees felt more intimated by the new equipment ND did not feel it would be time effective for them to learn but rather stick with what they have been using since it Was still effective.

Pam and Wee failed to address the different learning styles that adults retain information. This style of learning may be helpful to someone who is a Visual learner because they retain there information by visualizing what is presented in front of them in a visual manner so a video provided by the manufacturer would be a exceptional way to help employees learn. However, a hands on learner would not benefit from this format of learning since there was no specific raining that required a hands on approach to learning about the new equipment or software.

A benefit would have been to have a model setup that employees could use and get familiar with what the software requires so it did not appear so intimidating and so hands on learners could get a better grasp on what is being instructed to them. It would be beneficial if Pat and Wee request the trainer to use Cognitive outcomes to determine the degrees to which the trainer is familiar with the principles, facts, techniques, procedures, and process emphasized in the training program.

The Cognitive outcomes will help measure what knowledge trainees learned in the training program and can help Pam and Wee know how to make a decision if the training helped build the necessary knowledge employees needed to operate the new equipment or if additional training will be required. If I were Pat and Wee and had to re-approach the training. Loud be sure to establish a specific training curriculum that had visual diagrams of the new equipment and visual demonstrations on a computer on how to use the new equipment for visual learners. I would also work with the manufacturer to see f there was any “demo” versions of the software or equipment that would give the staff a hands on approach to using the new equipment. This way a Kinesthesia learner would be able to gain a great amount of benefit out of the training and would not be lectured or discussed by an instructor.

When companies use a variety of training methods to guide competency development and contextual learning. Although a lot of companies have been using social networks are being used by some companies for training delivery and instruction, since most training is face to face, it gives the ability to add a ands on method to training which cannot be done if training is through a computer or conference call which can be the case for certain businesses.

Pat and Wee appeared to think that the staff would be willing to attend the training on their own will with the understanding that this training will increase their knowledge of the new equipment and therefore make them better employees. There was no consideration that the employees would be intimidated by the new equipment and therefore would be hesitant in learning something new. People in nature are not always open to new idea r new concepts with the fear that new ideas bring negative results to the workplace which in turn means more work for employees.

It would have been a beneficial approach if prior to bringing in the new equipment and software to have a focus session with employees to discuss where the new equipment provides benefit to the employees and why learning the new information is beneficial to the employee’s day to day tasks and also how it makes there day to day tasks less strenuous and possibly completes necessary tasks in a more timely manner. The more employees feel the change will help the stress of the workday the more apt they will be to attend training session when it is offered by the manufacturer.

In conclusion, I feel that Pam and Wee should of considered using more Team training so this way there would have been a training to improve team effectiveness. There are many different companies that teamwork tends to be a issue and need to learn how to achieve the necessary goals. Since employees need technical skills that can help accomplish tasks. Team training usually involves multiple methods and therefore provide different ways the training can provide methods of learning that Pam and Wee could of asked the manufacturer to provide that would of make the classes more beneficial.