Evaluation Of The Statement Accounting Essay

Accounting is playing an of import function in nowadays society. It provides fiscal information to the user to do concern determination. However, comptrollers have to follow accounting criterions when they are supplying the information. We may oppugn what the rule of those criterions is. Fiscal accounting theory was created as the rule in doing criterions, and conceptual model for accounting built up. This essay is traveling to speak about whether developing a conceptual model is an impossible possibility. In order to speak about this, I am traveling through some history of accounting, the definition and compare the conceptual model under different criterions.


Accounting was created for 1000s old ages ago. It dates back more than 7,000 old ages which is the clip of ancient Babylon, Assyris and Sumeria. ( Friedlob, G. Thomas & A ; Plewa, Franklin James, 1996 ) At that clip, people did accounting for their personal demand. With the alteration of the times, accounting no longer work for personal demand. Peoples need common criterions for stakeholders to utilize when doing determinations. States built up By and large Accepted Accounting Principles ( GAAP ) to put up regulations for comptrollers to make accounting. When the concern is going bigger, people find out that it is difficult to understand other states ‘ accounting study. Peoples need international criterions, so some international criterions come out. There are two of them largely used. They are International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) and Financial Reporting Standards ( FRS ) . They are built by International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) , Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) and Accounting Standards Board ( ASB ) .


Harmonizing to Elliot ( 2004 ) , accounting is a mean which used to entering, sorting and sum uping fiscal activities which include hard currency flow, minutess and events. It means accounting is truly of import for users to analyze a company, such as stockholders, investors. For illustration, investors want to put a company. They need to cognize whether a company is good to put, so they come to comptrollers and acquire the fiscal study. Without accounting criterions, they may experience hard in reading those studies. For this ground, accounting criterions are necessary. To do accounting criterions, the conceptual model of accounting will be need.

Carsberg ( 1984 ) described that:

“ aˆ¦ ( Conceptual model of accounting ) comprises a set of basic rules that command general support and can be used to assist with elaborate determinations by increasing the likeliness of consistence and cut down the cost of analysis. In fiscal study, conceptual model is expected to assist with determinations by standard-setters and others about how accounting measurings should be made, what information should be included in published studies and how the information should be displayed. “ ( 1984 )

It shows conceptual model of accounting is necessary in doing accounting criterions. Conceptual model set up the rule of accounting, so it improved the consistence of fiscal study and is good to users in analyzing the study.

“ aˆ¦conceptual model should be viewed as a sort of gyrocompass to assist us in voyaging our manner through the self-interest and postulating political orientations that ever surrounded argument about ordinance. ” ( Edwards, 1981, p. 439 ) Base on this, Conceptual model should work as a counsel in doing accounting criterions.

Requirement comparison

In 2004, IASB/FASB started a undertaking in developing a common conceptual model for fiscal study. ( Murphy, 2012, p.1 ) In 2006, it comes out some information about the model. For illustration, it listed some user groups, such as entity investors, creditors, providers. In 2008, more information came out. In 2010, a recent version- Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting Chapter 1: The Objective of General Purpose Financial Reporting ( IASB/FASB, 2010 ) was released. In this chapter, the efficiency and effectivity of the entity ‘s direction and regulating board in dispatching their duties to utilize the entity ‘s resources is included. ( IASB/FASB, 2010, parity. OB4 ) In 2012, the IASB discussed how to re-start the undertaking on the conceptual model. This clip they believe the model should concentrate on elements of fiscal statements, measuring, describing entity, presentation and revelation. ( Peter & A ; Alan, 2012 ) The undertaking of develop a common conceptual model is so complicated that IASB/FASB took tonss of clip to make it. Though it is still non complete, we know that it is going deeper from place the users group to the elements of fiscal study.

Statements of Standard Accounting Practice ( SSAP ) 2 ( 1971 ) gave out a conceptual model of accounting before others. It was replaced by FRS 18 in twelvemonth 2000. It showed that:

“ Accounting policies assist in this procedure by supplying a model within which elements of fiscal statements, such as assets and liabilities, are recognized, measured and presented. They enhance the comparison of fiscal statements by assisting to guarantee that similar minutess are reflected in similar manner. “ ( ASB, 2000 )

It provided a manner for how the fiscal criterions should be defined and gives out a manner for conceptual model in how it should develop. From the recent criterion in FRS, we see that the model is finishing. For illustration, FRS 30 is puting out the definition of Heritage Assets.

“ A touchable plus with historical, artistic, scientific, technological, geophysical or environmental qualities that is held and maintained chiefly for its part to knowledge and civilization. ” ( ASB, 2009 )

From above, IASB and FASB which are from United States focus more on the methods on how to unwrap the fiscal information. On the other manus, FRS which is used in United Kingdom put more clip in constructing up the definition of edifice blocks of fiscal statements. The facets they concern about are a portion of the conceptual model of accounting.

Evaluation of the statement

To evaluation the statement, we need to look into the statement. “ Developing a conceptual model is an impossible possibility ” We can travel through the procedure of initiation which is Observations-Laws/theories-Prediction. From ascertained IFRS and FRS, we may state that developing a conceptual model is possible. It is the theory we get from the work have done. Then we come to anticipation. We need to happen out a fact that against our theory. If there are no such of fact, we may state that it is possible to construct up a conceptual model.

We can besides analysis it from the beginnings of cognition. It includes perceptual experience, self-contemplation, memory, intuition and testimony. Through perceptual experience, the statement is non right. From above, we know that conceptual model is made by IASB, FASB and other else. Although they are non perfect, they are rudiment and developing. When reading this statement with self-contemplation, it can non be an impossible occupation. Conceptual model works as a counsel of accounting. It can non be impossible to make counsel. In memory, since I learn about accounting criterions, I consider the criterions are made with unseeable regulations which I now think it is the model of accounting. From intuition, developing a conceptual model may be tonss of clip and hard to finish, for it need to be agreed by different accounting installations. Once it complete, it will profit a batch in doing accounting criterions. Come to testimony, the people who agree with the statement may reason that some definitions of conceptual model are still fuzzed, such as true and just position. As I have said above, nowadays conceptual models are rudiment. It is excessively early to asseverate that it is impossible to develop a conceptual model.

However, there are some groundss for the statement. Some parts of conceptual model are based on false belief. For illustration, Rayman ( 2007 ) has talked about IASB and FASB built their conceptual model on the present value false belief. In the IASB/FASB undertaking, the income was showed:

“ That dei¬?nition of income is grounded in a theory prevalent in economic sciences: that an entity ‘s income can be objectively determined from the alteration in its wealth plus what it consumed during a period. “ ( Hicks, 1946, pp. 178-179 ) ( Bullen and Crook, 2005, p. 7 ; californium. Joint Working Group of Standard Setters, 2000, p. 233 )

This is similar to the work of Sterling ( 1970 ) which was provided as false belief.

“ There is general understanding on the definition of income among the assorted schools of idea: Income is the difference between wealth at two points in clip plus ingestion during the period. The job centres around the method of finding the wealth or well-offness. ” ( Sterling, 1970, p. 19 )

It looks like there are some errors in constructing the conceptual model of accounting, but it is besides one of the grounds for IASB/FASB to maintain bettering IFRS.

Back to the statement I talked about, I think it is still excessively early to state that developing a conceptual model is an impossible occupation. Though it used false belief in the procedure of constructing the model, it still in the center of finishing. We should give hope to it, for it is so of import in doing fiscal criterions.


In decision, the conceptual model of accounting is critical. From the definition, we can see that the model will assist a batch in constructing fiscal criterions which will profit the users in doing fiscal determination. Comparing different criterions which are used in present twenty-four hours, we find out that they are still non perfect. At the interim, there are some jobs in the criterions. Even though, it is still non good to reason that it is impossible to come out a conceptual model of accounting. I believe the conceptual model of accounting will eventually come out in the hereafter.