Even became more and more fascinated with

Even after decades of diligent research, a lot of the
intricacies of the human body have still remained a mystery. We are mostly built
out of just four elements, and yet the way in which those elements bond and
work together enable incredibly complex functions that, although essential to
our everyday survival, are hard to fully comprehend. One such example is the
question of why humans sleep. While learning about the nervous system in Biology
and Psychology classes in my 2nd year of college, I encountered two different
explanations of why sleep is necessary for our brains. Determined to know which
perspective was the right one, I went through dozens of books and online
articles on the issue and realized that a single answer does not exist: all the
proposed “explanations” were just theories. That revelation left me with a lot
of new questions: How is something so fundamental still not inconclusively
explained? Is life truly such a complex phenomenon that even these seemingly
straightforward functions of our bodies are in fact an enigma? If we were to
find answers to these questions, could we use that knowledge to make lives of us
humans, especially of those battling still untreatable diseases and conditions

As my studies progressed I became more and more fascinated
with biology and chemistry, particularly with topics concerning genetics and
biotechnology and the ways in which we can use recently developed technologies
like CRISPR to cure illnesses. To learn more about my interests, I started
attending extracurricular Biology and Chemistry classes and workshops offered
at my school and began reading various magazines on these subjects, such as
Smithsonian and Nature. I have also taken part in a number of public debates on
related topics, e.g. vaccination, either as a spectator or as a debater. Discussing these issues on a personal level made me aware
of the profound impact scientific discoveries have on our everyday lives and prompted
me to choose a course that will allow me to explore various possibilities of
improvement in quality of human lives.

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Attending high school in Croatia, where students have
to take 17 different classes instead of choosing a small number of subjects,
has allowed me to acquire knowledge in subjects ranging from Sociology and
Latin to Physics. This kind of approach really opened my eyes to the ways in
which various sciences and disciplines complement each other and accelerate
progress. Although some classes are not directly related to the courses I am applying
for, they will be of significant help in studying my chosen subjects. These include the ability to discuss moral implications of new
technologies, a topic I thoroughly examined in Ethics classes. Being an active
member of a debating club has also helped me strengthen my communication skills
and made me appreciate the importance of teamwork. Furthermore, it has also
taught me that in order to achieve the best results, you must not be afraid of
failure. Only when you try your hardest to prove yourself wrong, you can be
sure that the ideas you haven’t been able to refute are worth your attention.

My main passion outside of school is learning languages.
Along with being fluent in Croatian (native) and English (IELTS band 8), I speak
intermediate German and Portuguese. While studying Portuguese on my own, I became
comfortable with doing research and exploring new concepts by myself. This experience
made me much more organized and self-reliant, and has also enabled me to learn
more about different cultures and traditions.

By attending a UK University I hope to experience life
in a culture much more diverse than in Croatia. I wish to learn more about
topics that interest me at universities that are at the forefront of research
and innovation in Biology and biology-related disciplines, something I wouldn’t
be able to do if I stayed in Croatia, and perhaps one day contribute to all the
incredible changes that are happening in those fields.