Event proposal Essay

1.0 IntroductionNow a day, skill of communication and how to deal with people and public is very important. Based on concern on this matter, we have to take this challenge to organize an event. This event is an activity will give the experience to students from Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation instead to fulfill the requirement of the subject SRC 451 (Application of Public Relations for Sports). This event are be design as to give the chance to all student to manage an event that can build and maintain relationship also having open channels of communication with the public instead of will give the benefit to the public through our event.

This event is led by Datin Dr. Hajah Sarimah bt Ismail as the lecturer of this subject.Besides that, students also get lot of experience through the program. They can learn how to investigate the public in general. Students can use their experience in the future or when they begin to move into working world. In fact, this program touches on issues that the concept of learning through experience, courage, confidence and facilities for student to communicate with the public and fellow student. The event is known as Xtraerobic “vivu la pasio” which mean that we are encourage public to have more passion on aerobic and exercise..

Hopefully students will learn how to manage an event with the public involvement and having a good relationship.2.0 Objective1. Fulfill the need of 20% rating in Foundation Course to Application of Public Relation for Sport (SRC 451). 2. To Understand the functions, responsibilities, and the importance of public relation.

3. To foster relationship with other people in sports activities and sports while the concept of play. 4. To build the concern of the public on the importance of maintain the body health through exercise. 5. To help the public to have a daily healthy life and produce awareness about their health3.0 Program Execution3.

1 The tentative of the program will be shown on appendices I 3.2 Name of Programe: Xtraerobic “vivu la pasio”Date: 13 & 14 December 2013Place: Stadium UiTM Shah AlamParticipants: – UiTM Shah Alam students: – Shah Alam Community4.0 Committee of ProgramAll the committee members is chosen among the student of semester three of Bachelor of Sport Management of UiTM Shah Alam. The details of the committee members are shown on appendices II.

5.0 FinancialThe sources of finance for this event will be generating from the sponsor and donation by private sector and also by collection from the students. The details of expedition of this event are shown on appendices III.6.0 ConclusionXtraerobic “vivu la pasio” will bring the new perception on how to maintain heath through exercise. We are as organizer of this events really appreciate any contribution and support from any party to make this event successful.

We also hope that our proposal will be approved by faculty so that we can have the chance to proceed and make the event come true as to give a thousand chance to gain more experience on public relation responsibilities.