Every Child Is Special Essay

It is amazing how wonderful a child could be even lived with a dysfunction. Suffering without anyone noticing how hard it is for him, but when someone discovers – helps him out of his troubled world, and get him to go with the waves of the real world, where he shines and blooms in his own way, and introduce his world full of love for art, and get everyone – who couldn’t even imagine and believe – to appreciate him as well.I admire people like Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Ishaan’s teacher) who help people/kids like Ishaan -who needed someone to understand them- not only because he sympathize them, but also because he understood their situation, and wanted to keep them from getting lost and out of track like he used to be. I too, would be happy to be like Nikumbh if given the same situation. After watching the film, I realized how lucky and blessed I was to live normally and be able to go to school, learn and socialize well with people.It was really nice though to watch a film and have an idea about people with dyslexia and to know that “there have been such gems amongst us who changed the course of the world, because they could look at the world differently.

Their thinking was unique and not everyone understood them – yet they emerged as winners and the world was amazed. ” – to quote. Everyone is special in their own way, but there really are those that stood up because of how they pursued and showed their talents, and proved that they are special.Even if the world has not been that kind to them, they proved that they could be something and someone that could make a difference.

Not all famous and successful people had a good start, they could even have been to the darkest parts in their backgrounds, but none of it matters as long as they could be as great as how they were downcasted. But it doesn’t end there, because some are of us yet to be discovered and to be dragged out of our shells, and some might need someone like Ram Shankar Nikumbh to be finally courageous enough to face the waiting world.