Every Company Has Its Own Culture Essay

Human Resources in workplace 1

Every company has a section or a individual who deals with using other people. This is called Human Resources. Peoples who work in Human Resources are responsible for seeking the sufficient employee for the company every bit good as covering with reaching occupation mentions and employee benefits. ( “ What is Human Resources? ” n.d. ) The company that the writer worked was founded by a New Zealander, whose name is Martin Brown in 1999. It is a seeking engine company for vinos. Consequently, there are two facets are considered the most of import when they employ people, knowledge about vino, and IT engineering. There are three sorts of occupations in the company, coders, vino specializers and administrative directors. However, the administrative directors need to be wine specializers every bit good because their chief occupation is to look into the information and answer the clients ‘ petitions.

The writer had an interview with the director, who mentioned the manner that they choose employee is to inquire them to sit a trial every bit good as to be interviewed. The ground is to look into how much relevant cognition they have. If the employee is a wine specializer, 60 per centum of professional cognition is acceptable. If that is a coder, the director ‘s petition is higher. The ground why an interview is required is because, although the director does acknowledge it is excessively short to cognize one individual, this is the manner to avoid the employee cheating. In add-on, it is non of import to keep a university grade to use for a occupation in this company. However, the manner of thought is really of import. It means the director wants an employee to believe as a university alumnus does.

Another really of import ground for questioning the employee is to happen out whether the employee truly fits in this company. For this point, the leader gave the writer an illustration. He one time interviewed a lady from Wellington. The lady held a really high university making and had first-class professional cognition about vinos. The leader wanted to acknowledge her but she declined, because she thought the office was excessively quiet. This was non the 1 that she preferred.

Leadership does non merely mention to person ‘s place in control of a group of people, but besides the quality or methods that make a individual be a good leader. “ Leadership is a cardinal concern of all the societal scientific disciplines and most of the humanistic disciplines. ” ( Marturano & A ; Gosling, 2008 ) A good leader should cognize the staff really good. Besides, he or she should cognize how to do the staff feel gratifying when they work. It refers to many things. For illustration, in the writer ‘s company, the door of the leader ‘s office was ever unfastened.

This means if anyone in the company has a suggestion, he or she can come directly to the office to discourse it. This is perfectly a really good manner to roll up their imaginativenesss. The leader liked to state he knew everything in this company. Normally we said it as a gag, but it proved that the leader knew everyone ‘s personality and everything they did in the workplace. Another facet which is related to that everyone can give their suggestions is that everyone is equal in the company. It does non look to hold higher or lower position. Consequently, as the leader said, in the company, there was no bully, which is a really common phenomenon in workplaces.

Another facet was that because the web site of Wine-searcher has a immense database, many people were divided into different parts to make and complete a new piece of informations. Every portion has a director. Every Friday, all the directors sat in a meeting to describe their intelligence, jobs. Interestingly, what the leader did was merely sitting over at that place to listen to the comments. He seldom told them what they should make or how to work out the jobs.

The writer thinks this is an first-class scheme because likely a leader does non specialise in certain field as the director does. He should non learn them what to make. If in a company, the foreman is everything, the company will non be a squad.


In the modern-day society, adult females have played a more and more of import function in workplaces. There is a five per cent addition of adult females working since 1980. Meanwhile, the figure of adult females as directors has increased 19 % . ( Powell & A ; Graves, 2003 ) However, they have besides faced a batch of different challenges. As in Wine-searcher, everyone did different parts of the occupation for one undertaking, the differences were non really evident. Because of this, the leader did non advert that a batch. Yet, he did reply two inquiries asked by the writer. If a male and a female working in the company fell in love, the leader could non halt them. However, they were non allowed to act upon their occupations negatively because of their love affair.

Bing pregnant is an indispensable issue for the employed adult females, so the 2nd reply was if they were pregnant, when they came back to work, they would be guaranteed to make the same occupation as they used to make.

Organizational Strategy

The word, scheme, means a program and attacks to accomplish a peculiar end. When it is combined with an organisation or a company, usually it refers to a alone character of that company. Their intents, without a uncertainty, are by and large to do net incomes.

When people use Wine-searcher, they can seek vinos for free. However, if they want a better service, they need to use for a rank and pay some money. This is a really common manner how a website brand benefit. As a database, legion vino merchandisers are collected into it freely. However, there will be a specific individual who contacts these merchandisers, stating them they have been collected by Wine-searcher, the NO.1 vino hunt engine in the universe. If the merchandisers do non desire themselves to be shown on the web site, the individual will inform the decision maker to cancel them.

As mentioned above, Wine-searcher is the NO.1 vino hunt engine in the universe. Actually the staffs are proud of being regarded as “ Wine Google ” . However, when it was founded in 1999, there were merely less than ten employees and it could merely expose the monetary values of vinos. Now there are 35 employees and apart from the monetary values, it besides illustrates excess information as their slogan indicates: information, location and monetary value.

Another difference is that they are more accurate than they used to be. For illustration, when people search for vinos, sometimes they spell the name wrongly. If it happened before, it would expose “ no consequences found ” . However, now, it will rectify their error automatically and give them the consequences.

The leader besides foresaw Wine-searcher ‘s chance in five old ages. He said they wanted to be NO.1 for everything about vino. Their purpose is to allow people disregard Google. They wanted people to travel to Wine-searcher straight for anything about vino.

Like every company does, Wine-searcher besides has many rivals. The leader claimed there were about 100 companies making the same occupation. However, there were 3 to 4 Wine-searcher ‘s chief rivals such as Smooth, Globe Wine Stocks and Wine Zap. The leader of Wine-searcher ever paid attending to them because they were so menaces to Wine-searcher. Besides, Wine-searcher kept larning from them. For case, Global Wine Stocks advertised that they were better than Wine-searcher. Then the leader of Wine-searcher checked why they thought they were better, whether Wine-searcher had any jobs or disadvantages. This is, in the writer ‘s sentiment, a positive competition because as the leader said: No comparing, no betterment.

Organizational civilization

The staffs in Wine-searcher were from all over the universe. The leader coped with this job really decently. He mixed the workers ‘ seats. He ne’er made all Chinese people sit together or Gallic people sit together. Otherwise, they would ever talk their ain linguistic communications. Besides, he mixed their seats harmonizing to different sections that they belong to. For illustration, a coder would sit together with a wine specializer. The lone ground for blending their seats was to do them pass on every bit good as learn from each other. Furthermore, it was encouraged that they asked each other inquiries because they could go familiar in a short clip.

Alternatively of that they should hold got paid every Friday, they had a societal activity to savor vinos every Friday afternoon and, they got paid monthly. The ground why they attended such a societal activity was to loosen up, and it was congratulations for one-week occupation that they did.

The leader besides introduced the staffs ‘ vacation and legal foliages. Under the New Zealand jurisprudence, everyone can hold a 4-week paid vacation after they work for the company for 12 months, plus the New Zealand public vacations. Other legal foliages include 3 yearss paid mourning leave, 5 yearss paid ill leave. If adult females get pregnant, they are allowed to take a annual leave and the authorities pays portion of the money.

Comparison with workplace 2

The writer used to work in a nationally-owned mill in China. The mill belongs to the Equipment Department of the Chinese Army. Here the writer will discourse the similarities every bit good as differences.

Similarities: The workplace 2 besides has two types of employees, the permanent and the impermanent 1. The lasting employees have a higher criterion of public assistance and they do have the same legal foliages as the New Zealanders do. They get paid monthly. Equally long as the lasting employees do non interrupt the jurisprudence and mill ‘s regulations, the foreman are non allowed to disregard them.

Like Wine-searcher, the mill contains many sections and each 1 has a leader. Every Monday forenoon the leaders sit in a meeting to describe their intelligence.

Another similarity is that the merchandise in Workplace 2 is besides divided into different sections. It is like a concatenation. If one portion arises certain job, the whole undertaking will be influenced.

Differences: The position in workplace 2 is non equal. This is the most of import point. Because of that, it brings a batch of jobs. First, the workers do non give their suggestions to their leaders. Sometimes they do, but they talk to the leaders in a really indirect manner. Second, bully is really common in workplace 2. It can be frequently heard the leaders stating “ Do n’t go forth until you finish your occupation. ” Or even “ Go place if you do n’t desire to work here. ” It is discouraged to hear that. However, that is how the people do in workplace 2.

Another difference is in workplace 2, interview can non be found. The new workers are likely recommended by person in power, or they may hold certain relationship with person who works in the mill. Honestly, this is an unwritten regulation. Normally people do non speak about it but everybody knows it.

The people in workplace 2 frequently work overloaded because they get paid harmonizing to the measure of merchandises that they make. From every November to the following May, the whole mill becomes really busy. As a consequence, they have to work during every weekend, even some public vacations.


Possibly the writer is non fit for Wine-searcher because every bit mentioned before, the office was really quiet. Sometimes it made the writer feel depressed. Every twenty-four hours the occupation was precisely the same. There were few opportunities to pass on with person during the on the job clip. All the contents written above came from the interview. However, this is the company ‘s civilization. Peoples need to comprehend the significance of company tantrum.