Everyone recommends some exercise. But for moms, that’s

Everyone could benefit from a little exercise. And with jogging, you get
the added benefit of fresh air and peace of mind too. Besides, every health
guru and doctor worth their salt recommends some exercise. But for moms, that’s
not all that easy. It’s all to easy to fall into worrying about your child at
home, as you take time for yourself. So then, why not take them with you? Just
imagine it, afternoon walks in the park. Or the more adventurous hike away from
pavement. You could both enjoy the fresh air and serene atmosphere. And do a little
bonding outside of the house. But to do this with a toddler, you would need a good
stroller. And here is one contender for your consideration.

Why use the Graco stroller?

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It’s a practical build, with durable materials
and easy to use. The big wheels make it easy to push through grass and mud. As
such, easily handles hills and unpaved hiking areas.  

User Friendly

There is little resistance, so you don’t
feel your child’s weight as you push. It folds up and the wheels come off to
allow for easier storage.


A child’s tray both holds food and drink
and helps with security. And, you’ll find a space for your phone as well at the
handle. You can tie down your belongings in storage compartments provided. Plus,
it has its own kickstand for when it is folded. You won’t need to have it lean
against something as you prepare to use it.  



This stroller is versatile, and can be used
in a variety of landscapes. You’ll probably want to use this long term. So, you’d
be glad to know it doesn’t fall apart within a short time. It is quite sturdy,
and most toddlers would enjoy a ride on it. And there is no mind bending needed
to use or assemble it either. Storage compartments help ensure we can carry some
belongings along with us. Besides, you can use it as both a car seat and a
stroller. With that, it saves both money and the time. Nice, right?


It is large and heavy and may take up a lot
of room.

Your phone won’t necessarily fit in the space

The stroller is quite tall, so shorter
people might be uncomfortable pushing it.

It may not be suitable for a large toddler.

Last Word

The Graco Jogger Click Connect Stroller is
one of the best in the market for a reason. You can tell it was made from good
material. It rolls like a dream, and has a few extras like storage space and a
kickstand. Toddlers get a kick out of using it. And it saves you money as a two
in one. I vote it as a nice mini vehicle for a duo exercise experience. Next
time you consider going out with your little one, take a minute to get yourself
a Graco Jogger Stroller.